How to get back at her ?

How to get back at her ?

In everyday life, often there are situations when the girl for no apparent reason greatly offends Man, causing him considerable pain.Sometimes this happens by chance, but often this behavior is intentional on the part of.Often the resentment of a man is so strong that he is looking for a convenient pretext for revenge.Naturally, the answer is not always evil for evil, but in specific situations is not helping anything but good lesson.Let's consider how to teach the girl a lesson as her revenge and to make aware of their guilt.

Remedy "headache"

Many men complain that their partner often refuses intimacy, citing various reasons.Most often they can be characterized by a banal phrase "headache."Especially for such a situation, there is a great way to make a girl to experience the sensation of a man, in this case in their own skin.

This story is told by one man, who advises to do the same to all those male members who denies sexual pleasures favorite.After another attack "headache" man proposes to his passion to walk the mall and pick everything that she wants.Imagine the delight of the ladies, which make it possible to choose expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories!But after a couple of hours of fittings when they are sent together to the checkout, the guy said that he was not going to pay for it all.Only then did she realize that she comes to him in the same way: to look forward to makes fun, and then it simply denies.

Another girl can be promised a magnificent surprise which she had dreamed all his life.Just do not forget plenty of wrapping paper and ribbons let her impatience grows with each box in which she will find another smaller one.But when she gets to the last, and her curiosity reaches the limit, it detects, for example, on the biology textbook for the fifth grade!

method of "like cures like"

Women's betrayal - it is not just the pain of loss, but also a huge blow to the ego of men.Such an act of the guy very hard to forgive, much less forget.So often the man who betrayed girl thinks how to get back at her.

In such a situation, perhaps the most effective remedy is a new novel.Women by nature - large possessive: it is difficult to accept the fact that loving man throws them for another.Such tactics can bring your beloved to a speedy repentance and asking for forgiveness for the sole purpose to get you back and prevent your new relationship.

Well, if the offense is too strong, you can have an affair with a girl friend: this method works almost flawlessly.Especially if you portray (and perhaps in the future, and feel really) finally-found happiness.


Internet Often a guy who saw a pretty girl in the social network, is committed to engage with her acquaintance, to which not only receives a categorical refusal, but often a personal insult.In this situation, when you have never met in real life, respectively carried out online.

For this there are many ways, including illegal.So, some guys even create a new profile with a photo of the girl and begin to correspond with anyone on its behalf.Then it is naturally difficult to explain to all and sundry that the author of the letters and comments, it is not.

lot of income in their sophistication and to the fact that the process pictures of a girl keeping her face, but picking up someone else's half-naked (or even naked!) Body, sending them to her friends and acquaintances.However, before practicing such methods, remember that they may lead you to criminal liability: whether to order your revenge ..