As a woman wants a man ?

As a woman wants a man ?

women is difficult to talk about their desires directly.Especially when it comes to sexual relations.But with the help of signs and gestures she sure you hint about his plans.As a woman wants a man - read our article.

As we have said, a girl, ready for intimacy, tell you about their desires not by words but by actions, certain movements, facial expressions.

  • With clothes the girl emphasizes her dignity.When she came to the first date in a short skirt or low-cut - this is the first signal that you are interested in her as a sexual object;
  • If being in the company of mutual friends, you offer the girl chat face to face, and she does not mind, then it is interesting not only to communicate with you;
  • If during your communion girl blushes, it is a signal not only embarrassment but also the sexual arousal.Who knows, you may already scrolled savory moments in her head;
  • While many may say goodbye as if casual touch.Believe me, she does not accidentally touch your hands or patted your back.So she checks your reaction and shortens the distance between you;
  • During the drive she will give her face sexual overtones, licking his lips, biting a pen or lips;
  • During flirting woman often plays with her hair.This happens both on a conscious and unconscious level;
  • During a call, listen to the voice of his partner.During sexual desire pulse quickens, and the tone of voice becomes lower.If the girl was talking quietly in her voice hoarseness is present - it is you want;
  • attraction can be traced on the basis of the actions and gestures of the girl.During sexual desire, it will pull the bracelet, tear off the label from the bottle to touch the neck, leg chatter;
  • girl can start to show his body.For example, the show perfectly inflated press, demonstrate a mole or scar far undiscovered parts of the body.It does get you started admiring her appearance, trying to interest you.Therefore, you are not indifferent to it;
  • scientifically proven that if you are nice person, his body will be sent in your direction.Look closely at the girl sitting.If your knees are aimed in your direction, then she likes you;
  • Watch the companion where your looks.If she furtively exploring your body and throws a look at her lips - she is not averse to a more frank actions;
  • If she decided to try to give you a piece of food from her plate while she feeds you herself - she likes you, and it signals to you about it;
  • girl can suddenly become cold or hot.In the first case, it will start to cuddle up to you and try to warm up your body heat.In the second case, it will try to get rid of excess clothing;
  • companion can offer you to play any game on the desire.If this happened to you, be sure it is thinking the same thing about what you do.

Can long list, how to understand what a woman wants a man.The main thing - be careful while interacting with it.If a woman is not averse to know you better - it certainly will hint you, and you do not even realize that the initiative was hers, not yours.

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