How do I get jealous girl?

How do I get jealous girl?

Jealousy is considered a strong feeling that leads us to make ridiculous and crazy things.Girls are more likely to cause this feeling of his companions, but this does not mean that they are not subject to these emotions.Calling jealousy girl makes sense in such cases:

  • loss of interest to you;
  • girl herself all the time trying to make you jealous;
  • your relationship lasts a long time, and you decide to add spice in them.

Therefore, in this article we will help you understand how to make a girl jealous.There are various ways this can be done.


  • Meet with the familiar.It is necessary to make sure that your girl has learned about such a meeting.For example, accidentally blurted out the common friend, that you have decided to meet with his girlfriend.Often, ex-girlfriend jealous of new friends, and if you are in a relationship, it will add a bit of sharpness of your senses.
  • talking on the phone.Make it so that while walking or in the evening in a cafe with a girl called you friend.A good friend will never deny you this trick, so feel free to ask about the service.After such a call, you will only have to watch the emotions in the eyes of his charming companion.
  • popularity among girls.For example, while talking casually say that you began to add to the girl friends on the social networks.It may be added that sometimes a phone call with a proposal to get to know and meet.Here the important thing is to show your girlfriend that you are popular among the fairer sex.Talk about it with the simplicity and the "in between times", that was not so, if you boast in front of her.
  • Each girl is jealous of her boyfriend if he is concealing something from her.For example, you received a message on the phone - tilt the phone so that she did not see that you read and respond.And all the questions about who it is, you can easily throw it's just a friend or acquaintance.If you are endowed with a good actor's data, then try to close the window on the monitor when your pet comes very close.Do so, if you want to hide from her little secret, but it should look natural.

Often, the lack of one of these methods to induce mild jealousy in your second half.But if none of no effect, then there is still some tricks in this issue:

  • She is very jealous person to ignore it.Do not call or write her a day, then it will make her nervous.
  • If you - the soul of the company, it is jealous of every girl.Your companion is required to express their dissatisfaction when they see that you can easily communicate with all those who are going in the noisy company for a fun pastime.

Making his girlfriend jealous, of course, possible, but remember one truth, that we should not go too far.Because frequent scenes of jealousy and your reasons for it can lead to a great scandal, and after - to provoke your consumption.Therefore, add sharpness in your relationship with intelligence and a sense of proportion.