How to become gay?

Each of us in his life looking for understanding and love, so we get to know different people, we start a relationship with them and build a family life.Society is accustomed to the fact that people with the opposite sex are creating new social unit.But it becomes very difficult for those who made their choice in favor of same-sex relationships.Many scientists and psychologists are still divided in their opinion, are born gay or whether they become.So how to become gay?Is it possible?And what happens to a man who, after leading a normal modern human life, to become gay.

In order to understand this question, it is necessary to divide young people into those who from early childhood experiences attraction to the same sex and those who are already in middle age became aware of his interest in men.

Why are gay

many factors influence our preferences in a partner and life partner.The basis of any temperament laid lifestyle, wealth, education, and early childhood, we often take their cue from their parents.It happens that at a young age if the boy sees a lot of frank and indecent behavior on the part of the mother, it will have a negative attitude towards women, which will cause a fear of intimate relationships with girls.Sometimes it happens that at puberty the young man rudely molested or, worse, raped, this trauma may entail, the failure of female attention and insurmountable psychological barrier.Another reason for the formation of gay may be the receipt of the first sexual experience with a young man, after which he would take it that the woman is much worse and more simply unnatural.Most often, these reasons are present in the formation of gay guys who have never entered into an intimate relationship with a woman, or were not with them on their own.It's hard to believe, but there are men who even lived in wedlock, and then become homosexuals.And yet, how are gay?Options colossal amount, and most likely from the simple desire to become gay is not possible.Now briefly on the basis of homosexuality:

  1. The simplest thing - love.The fact that the feeling of love can be shown to anyone, regardless of gender, income, social status and so on. D.
  2. heavy mental stress or shock.
  3. difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex.
  4. Failure their sexuality ( "a woman in a man's body").
  5. strong attraction to his body that caused the rejection of female sexuality.
  6. constant pressure from the women, caused them a feeling of hatred, and others.

Are there any tips on how to be gay

If you want to learn how to become gay videos on relevant topics can be viewed by clicking on this link you'll find the answers to all your questions.

Every man, choosing a same-sex relationship, simply must understand that this way of life, few people will approve, and that the young man must be sure that your partner loves, respects and appreciates it.How to become gay?It is enough to simply just fall in love with another man, who will respond to you in return.Well, some specific advice given does not make sense, just need to be myself and not be afraid of their feelings.

To become a homosexual, many young people have to overcome various difficulties and adapt to social life.In same-sex relationships there is a division on active and passive homosexual.The most common active homosexuals can return to normal relations between a man and a woman, of course we are talking about a few of them.With regard to passive gays, the state of psychological attachment to the image of "a woman in a male body" to become much more of themselves, that almost always deprives man desire to be interested in women sexually.

become gay for no reason, just as desired is extremely difficult.Even if you just have forged a sexual partner, but you will be turned away from Him, you will not be homosexual.Scientists believe that same-sex relationships are a sign of a psychological disorder, in fact this is true, because nature has in us to procreate and continue the family line.If you want to be a homosexual simply because it is fashionable, or you think that it is more convenient and easier, you never forget that you jeopardize your future.Therefore, homosexual must be supported by an interest in the same sex, not despair and hopelessness because no existing relationship with a woman.