How to write that I love her ?

How to write that I love her ?

you visited a wonderful feeling - love, but like to admit it or her chosen beloved?Not everyone will dare to openly talk to your loved one about their feelings.If you are shy or afraid that at the right moment forget all the words, which are so carefully chosen, then you have an alternative option to express their feelings in writing.A beautiful declaration of love to win especially the fair sex, most of which are so fond of romance.Therefore, dear man, if you are tormented by the question: "How to write that I love her," then read on our advice.

How nice to write "love"?

Every woman is good in her;so also your declaration of love must be original, written specifically for your darling, not to steal someone.In the end, you know best of all your favorite and you can judge that she liked and what is not.Think about the preferences of your girl?Do her a romantic poem and style, and perhaps most of all she appreciates humor?Some love the fairer sex when they are treated like a child - lisp, called "fish" or "SEAL".Other women, such appeals are annoying.So if you want your recognition were right on target and struck a girl's heart, you have to first observe his chosen.

We write from the heart and quote the classics

So, before you clean sheet of paper, and you think: "How to write that I love her Because I am not a poet, not a writer ..." What are your literary ability - it is not important.The main thing - is sincerity.That's what women value most.Do not hesitate to write what is in your heart.Let it be a little sloppy, but sometimes awkward recognition produces a greater impression than perfect sonnet.Unleash your imagination, do not pore over every sentence, thoroughly verifying the correctness of speech.Then your text will be perfect, but insensitive.Your courage and the fact that you had the courage to admit, will not leave indifferent female.

You can safely quote the works of poets and prose writers.Do not plagiarize or usurp other people's words.Can you beat the quote, for example: "I am not a poet, but by reading these lines, I know myself and my feelings ..."

Check your spelling Try to keep the letter was not spelling and punctuation errors.If you have a "lame" the Russian language, you can nalyapat errors, and it will make a bad impression on the girl, especially if she is educated and well-read.You can type text on your computer and check it in any text editor.Avoid long flowery phrases, complex speed and very long sentences.Let your sentence will be simple and sincere.

letter Making

It is best to write a letter by hand.The printed letter on the computer will look too formal, but your goal is not the point.If you do not know how to write beautifully about the love, remember, as it did in the days of Pushkin write their recognition on good paper, a beautiful handwriting, you can lightly sprinkle the sheet with a pleasant scent of perfume or drip a drop of essential oil.Put a letter in a beautiful envelope, can put inside a small souvenir: a ring, pressed flower, a beautiful card or photo.Beautiful design is required to produce a strong impression on your passion.

Recognition Internet

should not be recognized by sms love, social networks, e-mail.Many people think that it is very beautiful - write "I love you!" Somewhere in the chat.In fact, it will make the recognition of something mundane, gray, everyday.We want to give the solemnity of the event.Remember, the more you invest his or her identity in the letter, the better the girl will read it.