How not to become her boyfriend ?

How not to become her boyfriend ?

Often the guy in a relationship with a girl faced with different problems.For example, he likes his new friend and he wants to be more to her than just a friend.If a guy from the very beginning behaves correctly with the girl, he may forever remain her friend and will never become a lover.It seems to be concerned, and caring, but the relationship is gradually moving into the category of friendship.Common situation?If so, let's understand why this is happening and who is wrong and how to avoid becoming her friend.

Common Mistakes

guys on the stage of setting and development of relations with the girls a lot of guys make fatal mistakes.Let's look at these mistakes and find out how to avoid them.

  • available at any time of the day or night.If a girl at any time you can call to make an appointment and you're ready to cancel everything for her, her boyfriend do not be.Why?The girl needed intrigue, mystery, desire for interesting guy, the attention is not so easy to achieve.Subconsciously, she feels that if a guy is not only interesting to her, if he has his own life, he is a decent and worth pursuing.If you are always ready to meet with her, thereby showing that it manages the situation (as should be the other way around, you're a man), that your life is full of events that you are "comfortable" and you do not have to achieve, so always there.What to do?Sometimes denied her during meetings because of employment, even if no special plans.Sometimes, when you make an appointment, tell me what's on that day, you already have plans, but this time to meet with friends.The girl will have a greater interest in you, it will respect you.
  • Speaking of full accessibility should be said about the constant readiness to always and everywhere to help.No one to go to the store for new shoes?You're right there.Strong had a fight with his girlfriend and is going through?Crying into your shoulder.Computer crashed?You have already run to her to fix it.Behaving this way, you can quickly become her friend, whom she will appreciate and respect, but to which she will never have a sexual interest, not flare up passion.The reason again in your "comfort".Of course, to help the girl where you want the man's hand, it is possible and necessary, it is only a plus, but this assistance should be in moderation.In no case do not let the girl turn you into a "vest" and "girlfriend for a gossip."Go for shoes and see the new melodrama it can and with a girlfriend, so from such joint activities under the pretext give up.If a girl at the meeting begins to pour soul, crying about their personal problems with others, especially with friends, it thereby trying to turn you into a "vest".React absently, show her their disinterest in such conversations.Soon, it will cease to talk about it, and to set the mood to laugh it a good joke.
  • How not to become her boyfriend?A very important factor - external male sexuality.The girl should tremble at the sight of you feel that with her strong and confident man with whom she can feel feminine.Even if you're very smart, well-educated and sociable, but not very sure of himself, slovenly, badly dressed and so on. D. (That is unattractive for a man), the girl will not have to be your desire.How to be?Watch clean (no dirty hair, nails, breath, and so on.), Speak with confidence and a beautiful male voice, do not be afraid to look straight in the eye.Demonstrates the strength and self-confidence, but do not overdo it.Beautiful male body also makes you want to have girls, so it is to lose weight or gain muscle mass, pump up (depending on the situation).
  • desire struggling like a girl at all discourage any desire to have a relationship, but it helps to be her friend.Be yourself, do not of themselves for someone to portray, just to please her.It will definitely notice this behavior, and it seems it is not exactly male, hence, does not cause interest to you as a potential boyfriend.Have an opinion.Of course, this does not mean you have around and always argue with her, but sometimes it is necessary.For example, if a girl tells you what kind of a story in which she behaved far better, it is not necessary contrary to their own thoughts to approve its actions.Just say so, I do not agree with her, that she had acted badly, and explain why.All people are different, and this difference is equally as similarity attracts.You need to find a middle ground: you must have something in common, but you have to be different.This is what will attract.Complete similarity, as well as the complete opposite, a long and genuine interest does not produce.
  • If you long to do the first step towards the convergence of physical, it can not be her boyfriend, but can become her friend.You go on a date, nice talking to, each time visiting new places, you give her flowers.All this is fine, but if nothing else happens for a long number of visits, then do not be surprised if you find yourself in her eternal fan-friends.So it is accepted that the first step of making an intimate male.This also applies to the first kiss and the first sex.If you do nothing for a long time, do not know how to approach her, the girl gradually loses interest in you as a potential lover.So much should not be delayed, after several visits find the right moment and kiss her.If all goes well, and then the relationship will develop, it is possible to gradually bring her to the first intimate contact.It can also happen that the girl when trying to get closer to her, hugged kiss or suspended.You should not scare it.First, perhaps you too soon decided to go for physical contact - in this case, you need to wait.Secondly, she can thereby demonstrate its inaccessibility.This means that she wants to show that it is not the first counter, which can be dragged to bed, that we must fight for it, and checks you - how much you are interested in how to win it.If you are fast receding, it thereby shows the weakness of nature and what not especially interested.At least she thinks so.Therefore, do not leave their attempts, but do not be too intrusive.
  • How not to become her friend and boyfriend, with whom will want to engage a romantic relationship?Be interesting!Girls are attracted outstanding personalities, they often fall into these, so in every possible way to develop their personality and show it to her.

How to become a favorite for it, if you are one

evolved from a friend in her lover, on the one hand, is more difficult than just try to be her favorite, but on the other hand, it is easier.It's hard because the girl had already happened to you certain friendly attitude, which is not easy to change, and easy because you know her well enough as a person and understand how it behave.How to stop being her friend and be loved?

  • Seek not radically and quickly transfer your friendship to romance.It is surprising and perhaps scare.Everything should be done gradually, so it looks natural.
  • Begin to care for her, as if by chance.For example, if earlier on March 8 you just congratulated her nice message, but this time offer up a bouquet.Do her a special compliment to be enjoyable.
  • seeks to establish physical contact.So, you can hold her hand or elbow, helping to move a busy road.You can also help to remove a jacket or coat.By chance, you can "accidentally" touch her hand.
  • Flirt.Try to smile at her in a special way, to delay a little longer on her mind, invites you to spend time together in a very romantic setting.
  • If you're doing this and see that a girl like your behavior, you can move on to more serious action.Invite her to a good place, and confess your feelings or try to kiss.So you find out if she is ready for a romantic relationship with you, and you will know whether to achieve something or not worth it.

We have given you some tips on how not to become a friend or a friend become a lover.Try to follow them, they need help.Sometimes it is very difficult to recognize the distinction between a friend and loved one, so if you are seriously aims to woo the girls, be very careful at first, in control of their and its behavior and, of course, do not give up.