How to become a lesbian ?

In everyday life we ​​are surrounded by people of different orientations.In this article we will talk about lesbians, but about how to be a lesbian, and what are the reasons that girls prefer guys to your sex partners.

lesbians are born or?

First, let's look at why girls become lesbians.Only 3% of girls from birth feel that they like to be strong, rigid, possess the qualities inherent in the male sex, and the future they see a woman than a man.Most women and girls (70%) referred to the cause of their sexual orientation failed relationship with a man.It can be anything, for example, long-term relationship ended cheating men, unrequited love, rape.Anyway, at some point in the life of the girl he met a man (boy, boy), who left traumatized in her soul.And that this is not repeated anymore, she decides not to have anything to do with men.Usually, you can find understanding and support of friends in such a situation.The two women have more in common than the traditional pair.After all, men do not understand what a month, the mood swings, the risk of getting pregnant.A man in a woman's eyes are very firmly solidifies the image of an unreliable, dishonest, frivolous partner who can not be trusted.At the same time with a girl and you can walk to the shops, and fun to give each other easier and more interesting, and do not need to be protected.Weighing the "pros" and "cons" she concludes that the traditional relationships are not for her.

in relations between the two girls, as in any pair, is determined by the leader.Very rarely can be seen in a pair of two gentle or rough two partners.Lesbian couple is different from the normal only in that instead of a man, a dominant male, the dominant female is present.Joint life is so arranged that still makes the decisions alone, the economy is engaged in another and so on.If both partners begin to pull the blanket "each in themselves," the understanding and comfort in life will not be.

So you've decided to become a lesbian, but who are you?If you have remained vulnerable gentle girl, you need the other half with the character, and if the failure in relationships with men made you stronger, and you no longer want to go to anybody about it, then you have to show character.

How to become a lesbian: first steps

To become a lesbian, you should not take anything special but to join the company of other lesbians.Almost all homosexual people attend any clubs, with it, as a rule, in such institutions are resting and lesbians and gay men.This is due to the fact that they do not overlap with each other in terms of relationships, therefore, unlikely "that's the pretty boy" would lead your girl.Most likely he is aiming to "order the pitching at the bar."Arriving at such an institution, and the first can not be said that the party was "unconventional."You do not have to look for love on the side.It is very likely any of your friends takes a liking to you, but afraid to admit.Try to learn, talk, maybe you decide to not just their problem, but someone else's.

As for looks, then, as a rule, in which more than lesbians masculinity, looks suitable: sneakers, camouflage pants, short haircuts.But it is not always the case.Both girls are usually dressed: shoes, skirts, jeans.Although, if only because not everyone wants to know friends, parents about their orientation.

If you do decide to become a lesbian, you should be aware of a number of negative facts, though there are also positive.Statistical studies have shown that:

  • 20% of lesbians suffer from mental disorders.
  • 22% have problems with being overweight.
  • Smoking and drinking lesbians 30% more.
  • Lesbians do not nurture and breastfed infants because they are at risk for breast cancer.
  • Many lesbians have suicidal tendencies, from the failure of society.

If you happened to some problems in the relationship, do not turn in on themselves.All people are different, you may tomorrow meet this young man, whom you love and forget about everything.Do not jump to conclusions, consider carefully whether you really attracted to their same sex, or simply want a thrill.