How to call the monthly " djufaston " ?

Menstrual bleeding is an indicator of the reproductive system works, its health, and the ability to become pregnant and bear a child.The main role in the regulation of ovarian production plays monthly hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone compounds.Often, a violation of the ovaries work due to the insufficient production of progesterone, which can be solved with the help of various drugs, such as Duphaston, which is quite popular among women, but not everyone knows how to call the monthly djufaston, and take it on the advice of friends, which can lead to the mostunexpected consequences.

go to the gynecologist

Almost every woman faces the problem of delayed menstruation.And not always the reason for this is pregnancy.Typically, the delay menses often cause various diseases, sudden weight loss, stress, acclimatization.

is normal to feel a delay monthly for three to five days.But when it last longer, in order to avoid trouble, it is better to consult a doctor for reassurance.He will appoint tests, diagnose the problem and prescribe treatment.Often doctors cause monthly through Djufaston.However, this drug is given only in the case of fixed endogenous progesterone deficiency.If the same problem in another, and the drug will be completely different.

accepted Djufaston

Many women who have had menstruation delay, prescribed the drug "Djufaston", after which menstruation came a few days later.And now many women, guided by the advice of friends or instructions to the drug, mindlessly consume it at the slightest delay.But dose "Djufaston" at a delay menstruation, the doctor must determine it.However, many are not able to visit the doctor because of their workload.In this case, it is recommended to take the drug in the morning and evening for 1 pill, for a total of 5 days.As a general rule, and in the second - the third day after its application to begin menstruating.Also, "Djufaston" take in endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, dysfunctional uterine bleeding.The drug is usually taken from the 11 and 25 day cycle, but may be a variety of schemes, and they depend on the assays for hormones.The information presented above is for informational purposes only, so you should consult a physician before using the drug.

What causes independent application duphaston

As a rule, women who decide on their own cause monthly djufaston always take it erratically, from a few pills, thinking that because they are the intended target achieved faster.It is important to understand that such an initiative could lead to serious disruption of the hormonal system.Theoretically, taking Duphaston to call the month, this leads to the fact that they can begin early, perhaps you would be so convenient, but be prepared for what will have to treat hormone imbalance, and it is a long and comfortable process, and,some cases it is not crowned with success.