How to call a month at home?

At least once in your life any of us faced with a month delay.This delay may be associated with stress, weight loss, climate change and many other factors.Most often, the reason why there is no monthly, is pregnancy.Thus pregnancy can be both uterine and extra-uterine.As

cause monthly: define the situation

If an unplanned pregnancy, a woman looking for any ways to get rid of it.At that moment she did not think about the complications of health and that, perhaps, she would never have children.She is driven by a fear of being alone, fear of losing a loved one or a job.In the case of an unplanned pregnancy is not necessary to complicate things and cause a month at home.To do this for a long time, there are special drugs that interrupt the pregnancy safely.This pill that cause mini-abortion, they are used early in pregnancy and is recommended in antenatal clinics.These pills do not violate the reproductive function and other functions of the female body.

There are other situations when a woman simply need to call the month ahead of schedule.It can be a romantic meeting, an important event such as a wedding or a birthday, holiday, long journeys.To feel comfortable, women resort to folk methods as monthly call at home, you can just use them.

Before using them, remember that the menstrual cycle - is a complex process in the female body and its violation may lead to hormonal failure and other complications.

these methods you can use in case of delay of the menstrual cycle or the need for any reason to call ahead of schedule monthly.Call

month: folk remedies

  • The easiest way is taking a bath with iodine and salt after a heavy physical exertion.
  • Many call for monthly take a large dose of ascorbic acid.During the administration of the drug can be used hot foot bath to warm them.But remember that the ascorbic acid in large quantities can cause allergic reactions and damage the gastric mucosa.
  • also cause the monthly help decoction of tansy and nettle.It is not dangerous and quite effective.
  • If you are using birth control pills, then you can simply pause the course of taking three days before the beginning of the month.
  • hasten menstruation helps you to eating large amounts of parsley and dill.In the majority of cases occur in day periods.
  • If green is not the season, use a decoction of parsley.Cool broth need to drink for 3 days prior to the onset of menses.

Preparations for monthly call

  • How to call in the monthly home if folk remedies do not help?The most dangerous way is to use emergency contraception drugs.One such drug is called "Postinor."After receiving the "Postinor" periods may begin within 1-3 days.However, the drug has a devastating effect on a woman's body.The first to suffer the fertile function and endocrine system.
  • Take pills "Dyufason".Must take a tablet twice a day.Full acceptance rate is 5 days.Menstruation should begin in two days.
  • The drug "Pulsatilla" six or seven pellets under the tongue, to help you cause menstruation.

Just remember that if you are not sure of the occurrence of pregnancy, do not experiment with its interruption, buy in a drugstore test to determine pregnancy, and only in case of positive result, make a decision.If you have any irregularities in the genitourinary system, people methods to return the month will not work.

Highly recommend to contact your gynecologist vrachu before using the means at hand to trigger a monthly, whatever the reason.Better yet, do not use them.