Who are bi?

Bee - is short for the word "bisexual" or "bisexual".Therefore, to understand who the orientation, it is necessary to define the concept of "bisexual".The term bisexuality, in the broadest sense of the word, refers to a feature of human sexuality, which may consist of a bisexual identity and bisexual behavior and, finally, bisexual.In a narrow sense, as it all comes down to a bisexual.So called bi persons with bisexual orientation, which involves sexual, sensual, emotional attraction to both their representatives and the representatives of the opposite sex.And heterosexual attraction does not always correspond to the strength of homosexuality.

the question of who are bi, bi, and what is the nature etc., sexologists give broader answers.In 1948, American psychologist Alfred Kinsey, in his book "Sexual behavior in the Human Male," published the scale of sexuality, which assessed sexual orientation on a scale of 0 to 6 points.In his writings, Kinsey says that in nature there is a strictly heterosexual and strictly homosexual types, and that human sexuality can be divided into six categories, which are displayed in his "Kinsey scale":

0: Exclusive heterosexuality

1: Predominantly heterosexual, onlyoccasionally practiced homosexual

2: Predominantly heterosexual, but homosexual relationships are not very rare

3: equally practiced heterosexual and homosexual relationships

4: Predominantly homosexual, but heterosexual transmission is not very rare

5: Predominantly homosexual, onlyoccasionally practiced heterosexual

6: exclusively homosexual

Later Kinsey scale has been submitted to an additional position "X" to indicate asexuality.

difference bisexuals by gay and lesbian (homosexual) that homosexuals engage in homosexual sex only and do not show any emotional or sensual or sexual attraction to members of the opposite type.