How to call a month before?

How to call a month before?

Ahead incredibly responsible, important for you event (wedding, birthday, holiday), but the coming month threatening to spoil the long-awaited holidays?In this case, the question may arise on the transfer of the "red date" to an earlier date.

about how to do this, as well as the possible risks, read on.

means causing monthly

Just note that special medication and other drugs, procedures to expedite the arrival of critical days, does not exist.However, you can use the techniques that will help in this matter.Just note that all of the methods are extremely unsafe for the health of the woman, her reproductive capacity, and therefore better for them never to resort.More information about this you will learn from the second section of the article.

  • Hormonal contraceptives.They are used for treating hormonal failure, normalization of the menstrual cycle.Starting to drink tablets should be from the first day tsiklana for 21 days.Then a break for 7 days, during which time and have to go monthly.If you finish before taking the pill, the menstrual period and, accordingly, will come sooner.
  • hot tub, and a night of passionate love.Thinking of how to call the month before on a couple of days, you can try to type in a hot water bath and sit in it for a while, and then immediately have sex with actively.Increased blood circulation in the genital area, as well as the activation of uterine tone may contribute to obtaining desired.
  • If you observed amenorrhea (ie, failure of the menstrual cycle, during which period comes every month or does not occur), it can help the hormonal drugs such format as the "Djufaston", "Utrozhestan" and so in this situation.They eliminate the imbalance by stimulating the ovaries.
  • Reception herbal infusions.The most powerful tool is considered nard grass.Drinking 100 ml of decoction twice a day for two or three days, you are contributing to the early onset of critical days.Also they can have the desired effect of these herbs like tansy, chamomile, yarrow, mint, oregano, parsley.

Needless to provoke monthly?

Despite the fact that sometimes there are really serious situations that require monthly call earlier from such an idea need nevertheless refuse.

  • taking any hormonal methods without prescription, as well as the incorrect use of these drugs (reduction of the duration of admission) for provoking critical days threatens complex hormonal disruptions, breast, cystic formations, breakthrough bleeding, amenorrhea, and even infertility.Fight with all of these problems is always very difficult and emotionally, and physically and mentally, and financially.
  • Herbs can cause allergies, poisoning, failures in the internal organs and systems, exacerbation of chronic diseases.In addition, due to their periods may also result in the consequences described in the preceding paragraph.
  • hot bath Admission is contraindicated in many cases, in particular, inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

In addition, you should always consider the possibility of pregnancy.In this case, the activation of the above and any other methods may cause abortion.After that, some women give birth is extremely difficult or impossible.

So if you in no matter what was the need to bring the flow of blood, you need to visit a gynecologist with the appropriate question.Perhaps, specifically in your case specialist will be able to help in some practical advice.

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