How to cure fibroids ?

How to cure fibroids ?

cervical uterine fibroids can be treated by traditional and folk remedies, and get rid of it surgically.Choosing how to cure cervical fibroids, should be considered:

  • age-related changes in a woman's body;
  • size of the tumor;
  • extent of symptoms;
  • physiological characteristics of the patient.

techniques of conventional medicine

Traditional treatment is based on the reception of hormonal preparations.This method makes it possible to prevent development of the disease and its consequences.After a successful course a woman can get pregnant and give birth to a child.This option is effective when the minimum size of fibroids and the slow pace of its growth.In the course of medical treatment it is important to eliminate the symptoms.. Weakness, drop in hemoglobin, pain, etc.

If a large tumor, and is developing rapidly, the operation should be carried out.The most common methods of surgery are:

  • laparoscopic myomectomy;
  • removal of the uterus;
  • uterine artery embolization;
  • laparotomy myomectomy;
  • hysteroscopic myomectomy;
  • surgery using ultrasound waves.

Traditional recipes for the treatment of fibroids

Traditional methods are based on the reception of infusions, decoctions and solutions of herbs, flowers and other natural ingredients.The advantage of such recipes is their simplicity and the possibility of a combination with traditional therapy.Effective cervical fibroids are the following tools:

  • decoction of the tops of carrots.Two tablespoons of fresh or dried foliage is necessary to pour a liter of boiling water and infuse for an hour.Drink infusion can be in unlimited quantities for bleeding caused by uterine fibroids.
  • seed hemp.They prevent the development of fibroids.Broth from seeds should drink 3 times a day for two weeks.
  • Gathering herbs.For broth need to take a teaspoon of nettle, celandine, succession, valerian root, St. John's wort, motherwort, mint and fruit of hawthorn and dog rose.Pour 1 liter of boiled water collection and insist in for the night.Drink it should be used twice a day - at night and in between meals.

also remarkable results in the treatment of fibroids give infusions of cucumber mad, hemlock and nettle.Drink herbal teas should systematically.

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