As women become men ?

Our world is very rich in different phenomena.In it you can find anything.This of course depends on the diversity of human characters, ideas, thoughts, desires.Unfortunately, most unusual for us to things and actions strongly criticized and subjected to various, mostly negative assessments.For example, a fairly unusual situation for us to remain connected with the change of sex.What drives people to such actions?This article will examine how women become men.

Physiological changes

So, first consider such a change occurs in physiological terms.What's in physiology mainly distinguishes a man from a woman?It's genitals, the primary sexual characteristics.That is, to change the female to the male, women have to do surgery on the genitalia change.The operation involves removing the female sexual organs and then to "sew" the male sex organs.In words, it seems very simple.But there are many but.The fact that such operations will first need poobbivat rapids many instances.The last and most important is a visit to a psychiatrist, who sets the "diagnosis", for which you want to change operations are greatly reduced human immunity.And there is no guarantee that the organs that are transplanted, can take root.before the operation the patient goes a long course podgotovki6 kolyat his hormones, he must pass a lot of tests, and the like.

after surgery in addition to the changes taking place and genital reconstruction, and throughout the body.Because men because of their hormones, particularly testosterone to yield the development of muscle mass, facial hair growth.Even After surgery, women are men, not immediately.It requires a long course of adaptation, not only physiologically but also psychologically.Indeed, together with changes in body changes should occur in the brain.Reasons for changes


If we talk about the causes of gender reassignment, they are many.And it is almost impossible to understand what is going on in the mind of women.Typically, sex changes are causes some problems in life, perhaps in psychology.After all, in a society increasingly important role is paid to men, they give most of the laurels and women put on some lower level.As a result, when a woman wants to achieve what men, in his address received sidelong glances from the restrictions and stereotypes.And the problem of humiliation and brings in women masculine and partly turns women into men.That is, public pressure changes the way of thinking in the mind of women, changing their character traits.

Also, considering how women are men, it is worth mentioning that very often women even from birth may have male characters.They have little interest in conventional girlish toys, such as dolls, stuffed toys.On the contrary, they are drawn to play UEFA entails climb to where it becomes scary, interested in the game car, in other words, interested in boys' hobbies and entertainment.It seems that under the guise of a girl hiding some guy.And at one point a girl begins to realize that it is very different from the girls and she wants to become a man in physiological terms.