How to treat the ovaries ?

One of the most common diseases in women is an inflammation of the ovaries.It can manifest as acute or chronic disease.However, the more common causes of the emergence and exacerbation of inflammation of the ovaries are considered factors such as hypothermia, fatigue, various stressful situations, negative emotions and other extragenital diseases.

most typical manifestation of this disease is pain, which is localized in the lower abdomen, but it can also occur in the lumbar or sacral spine.Pain during inflammation may occur periodically, at least they are constantly worried.

However, in any case, a woman raises the question of how to cure inflammation of the ovaries and is it even possible?Some people believe that if ovarian inflammation, this disease can not be cured completely, and at the slightest colds, pains again begin to disturb the woman.Note that the pain can often continue even in the absence of an inflammatory reaction, though they could increase not only in colds, but also in the emotional overload and stress.In addition, ovarian inflammation can affect the functioning of the uterus and appendages, which may be accompanied by a violation of menstrual function.

ovarian inflammation Treatment

So, how to cure inflammation of the ovaries without the intervention of chemicals?At first glance, this solution is somewhat wrong, and we recommend that you still speak to your doctor to determine the exact diagnosis, but close to the designated treatment your doctor, you may want to consult with them about the treatment of folk remedies.

Other ovarian disease

Before cure ovaries also encourage you to read the article "Why hurt the ovaries?", Which will help you to identify more precisely the nature of the disease.

After ovarian inflammation (dysfunction) very often women can find diseases such as chronic oophoritis, andneksid or ovarian dysfunction.

  • Under oophoritis means inflammation of the ovaries, namely a pair of women's body the genitourinary system.Usually, the inflammation can be transmitted in the ovary is the fallopian tube.Pathogens oophoritis can become such infections: chlamydia, trichomonas, etc.Acute oophoritis always begins suddenly, starting with sharp pain in the lower abdomen of women.In this difficult and painful urination.Also appear pus from the vagina.Common signs include high fever, fever, headache and muscle-joint pain.
  • Chronic andneksid is no less dangerous and disease has similar symptoms as in the previous illness.In this disease there are white watery discharge, and may disrupt the menstrual cycle.Also, the disease is accompanied by a high fever, and menstrual irregularities.
  • When ovarian dysfunction, the main symptom is irregular, scanty or heavy menstruation, as well as severe premenstrual syndrome.Very often, the disease can cause miscarriage in pregnant women.

In addition to these diseases, there is still such diseases as ovarian cyst, with more detail about it is presented in this article: "How to treat ovarian cysts," besides women often turn to the question of how to treat adhesions in the pelvic area,this you can away in this article: "How to treat adhesions?".

Folk remedies against women's diseases

Before cure ovaries folk remedies, we advise all the same to see a specialist, who will help you to identify the disease.These funds can only enhance women's health and to normalize the menstrual cycle.

  • From women's diseases great help nettle leaves (3 parts), chamomile flowers (1 part) and oak bark (1 part) and herb Knotweed (5 parts).Take 2 tablespoons of chopped herbs advance collection in a coffee grinder or grinder and pour boiling water (0.5 liters).After that, drain the infusion in a thermos and insist the whole night.Take the infusion allowed to 3-4 times a day for 1 / 3-1 / 4 cup before meals.The course of treatment may last for no more than 2-3 months.
  • also well helps with the inflammation of the ovaries infusion from the flowers of wild cherry, herbs, lavender, oak bark, wormwood herb (1 part), strawberry leaves (2 parts), hips (in 3 parts).Preparation is similar to infusion, as before.
  • Mince oak bark (6 pieces), Oregano grass (4 parts), and marshmallow root (1 part).Preparation of infusion is the same as before.