Why she does not want to ?

We all dream about the ideal relationship, romantic, happy, based on love and understanding.So we finally meet a girl who seems to be perfect in all respects.What happens next?We tried to draw attention to themselves.We are trying to get to know ... Sometimes it happens that the girl was immediately reciprocated to the shown interest in it.But this is not always the case.

why she does not want to meet

There are many reasons why girls do not want to meet.The simplest of them - the girl was dating a guy.How do I find it?Just ask her about it.Or ask your mutual friends, if any.Most likely, the girl that you like, will not hide from you the cause of this kind.

What to do, if you like the girl was found with another guy?The surest way - to leave this girl alone.Do not build your happiness on someone else's misfortune.But what if this girl likes you so much that you are willing to do anything for the sake of being together?And she is also showing sympathy toward you?Then, perhaps, there are some problems in its relations with another man, and their union is not so strong.Perhaps we should fight for that this girl was with you next.

why the girl did not want to

There are three possible answers to this question.

First - if you have recently met and suddenly she says that does not want to continue to communicate with you.

main reason - the girl did not like the way you communicate within a short time of your acquaintance or was this conversation that embarrassed her.Think about what you say and how to handle it.Perhaps you were too intrusive or familiarity.In this case you should apologize for your behavior and correct impression of themselves in her eyes.There is another option.When you meet, the girl just needed someone to talk to, and now everything is in order and it is no longer needed vest.Well, here you have a good chance to still be interested in it and make the continuation of dialogue.

second option - you meet a girl and suddenly said to you about this decision.The reason is obvious - it resents you.Can you fight?Then make a step towards reconciliation, if you want to reconcile.If an argument was not, she might well be offended by something.Maybe you forgot about something?Important date?Her request?Remember!Or ask her.

third option, not the nicest.She decided to break off relations with you or find another guy.If you really value your relationship - then you will have an important conversation and try hard to find out all the reasons for the decision and try to fix it.

why she does not want to kiss

Again, there are several answers to the question, depending on the situation.

If you met and would thus move to a new level of communication, as she refuses to kiss, perhaps she sees you just as a friend.If you still want to make the girl changed her attitude towards you - try other options courtship that, in the end, get a kiss.

Perhaps it is not ready for a relationship, as the recently collapsed relationship with another.In this case it is necessary to wait a little bit.

Or maybe she's just shy.Be more assertive.

If you are dating and she does not want to kiss, perhaps she was offended?Find it.

If she was not offended, maybe she wants to show that he did not want to continue the relationship more.Not the best option, but it can be.

There are several other, perhaps unexpected, reason why she does not want to kiss:

  • It is a cold, sick and does not want to infect you.
  • It may seem funny, but she ate garlic.
  • Or you eat garlic, and a smell that is unpleasant to her.Or she does not like the smell of nicotine if you smoke.Use chewing gum.
  • you and unshaven stubble pricked.

Why woman does not want sex

female psychology - quite a subtle thing, and the reason why she does not want to have sex, can be quite unexpected and very different.In addition, some of the girls are very shy and call them to talk about this quite difficult and sometimes quite impossible.Then you'll just have to understand the reasons of such refusal.Thus, here are some of the most common reasons also, depending on the situation.

you want to go to the next level of relations?And she refuses?Why?Because:

  • She hesitates.Be more attentive and persistent.
  • She survived the recent heavy parting.Be patient, give it time.
  • she is a virgin.Be gentle, attentive and it melts.

you meet, and you already have an intimate relationship, but suddenly she began to refuse to make love?The reasons may be as follows:

  • She "red days on the calendar."Just wait a few days.
  • She was tired.It really falls asleep in your arms.Let her sleep.
  • It hurt.Find out.
  • She wants to break off relations.In this case, it is even a kiss would not want to.Talk.