How to treat inflammation of the appendages ?

Perhaps many of the women had heard since childhood by their mothers and grandmothers about what you need to dress warmer and does not sit on the cold stones and benches, otherwise you can chill appendages.What is this disease?How to treat inflammation of the appendages?

Causes inflammation of the appendages

Inflammation of appendages (or adnexitis) - is one of the most common female gynecological diseases, which involve infectious inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes.Among the reasons doctors appendages inflammation, commonly referred to as the following:

  • sexually transmitted diseases (ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, candida, gonococcus and others.);
  • complications of infectious diseases (influenza, herpes, SARS, tuberculosis);
  • hypothermia (eg thighs, waist, arms and legs);
  • constant stress, physical stress and sleep disorders;
  • hormonal disorders and reduced immunity;
  • lack of regular sexual intercourse with a regular partner, and frequent sexual intercourse without orgasm;
  • lack of personal hygiene (a rare change of pads, wearing strings);
  • allergic reaction to semen, latex condoms and lubrication;
  • effects after the introduction of an intrauterine device, abortion and obstructed labor.

In medicine distinguish acute, chronic and latent inflammation of the appendages.Treatment of folk remedies, as a rule, only helps with the complex influence on the disease with antibiotics, physiotherapy and candles.

treat inflammation appendages

So, how to treat inflammation of the appendages?As a rule, the treatment course consists of appendages antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and replacement sure to put the ice in the lower abdomen to relieve pain in the first days of the disease.There are the following methods for treating inflammation of the appendages:

  • Antibiotics.If your doctor has diagnosed "inflammation of the appendages," treatment with antibiotics will be the first thing you will be assigned.Since the appendages inflammation may be caused by different bacteria, it is natural to antibiotic need and to select, depending on the infection.As a rule, in acute inflammation, doctors prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics (cephalosporins, doxycycline), and with a slight inflammation antibiotics are appointed after the test results.
  • Candles.If you suffer from inflammation of the appendages, the treatment will also be of some use candles as a candle first eliminate pain and accelerate the recovery process.The most effective candles that help in the treatment of inflammation of the appendages, considered candles containing Nystatin, indomethacin and metronidazole, and propolis, oak bark and extract of walnut.It is best to combine treatment with candles folk remedies, so the effect will be manifested stronger and faster.
  • Folk remedies.When there is inflammation of the appendages, national treatment is never superfluous.Among the most common folk method allocates:
    • wormwood (in a bucket of boiling water brew a handful of wormwood and sit on it for about 20 minutes every day for two weeks);
    • upland uterus (cup of boiling water to brew a tablespoon of herbs and take half an hour before eating a glass of one third);
    • paraffin (hot paraffin to grease the stomach and wrap yourself with a warm blanket until cool);
    • onion (onion broth douche at least three times to relieve pain);
    • garlic (pounded garlic, pour the warm water, moisten a tampon in it and insert into the vagina for a few hours, repeated about seven times in the last month);
    • pumpkin (eat it raw or boiled, but also drink pumpkin juice);
    • ihtiolovaya ointment (to smear her lower abdomen);
    • mustard (mixed with oak ash and salt, put on the bottom of the pot, pour boiling water and wrapped waist warm scarf, sit sweating for 20 minutes for 10 days).
  • Physiotherapy (ultrasound, ultraviolet irradiation, paraffin baths and electrophoresis).Generally, this method treat inflamed appendages with a high probability of occurrence of adhesions in the ovaries and fallopian tubes of the walls, as well as chronic inflammation appendages.Courses can be assigned to a doctor of physical therapy with breaks for 1-2 years.In addition, if the presence of adhesions clinically validated, you will be a mandatory operation colliotomy.