Why not get up ?

Why not get up ?

Men absolutely different ages face the problem of lack of erection at a time when it is needed.This phenomenon is quite widespread and is not always the alarm and serious problems.

offer to understand why the member does not rise, and that is to do in such cases.

not stands: causes

  • excitement and fear that might be caused by the fact that you have not stood up once, or you have failed in the bedding business.These factors are very difficult to dismiss, and they sometimes interfere with the man continue to live a normal sexual life.
  • Fears of failing to satisfy a woman, especially if you really like or you have previously suffered similar setbacks.
  • Stress, which is going through every man before the first sex.
  • Psychological problems that originate from your childhood.These cases are very individual and require the intervention of a therapist or sexologist work.
  • Fatigue.If there is no rest for a long time, the body can be physically exhausted and unable to carry out man's duties.A large amount of work and the lack of healthy sleep yet no one led to a great sex life.
  • Malnutrition.Namely, the lack of vitamins, which are essential for the restoration of the body's resources and performance of the sexual act.
  • Medicines.Many drugs designed to decrease the pressure, lead the lack of erection.
  • Spirits.Abuse of alcohol or drug use and will not lead to anything good.
  • Diseases.A number of your existing diseases, namely diabetes, trauma, prostate, blood vessel disease, nerve damage, or pelvic arteries, and obesity can also cause erectile dysfunction.
  • grafted complexes about your manhood.The fact that you think his penis is too small to meet the woman, never will truly relax and surrender to carnal pleasures.
  • Anomalies of the body, namely the wrong building, or the absence of any tissue.

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How to eliminate

problem If you encounter a problem that your "friend" did not get up, try to take a number of measures:

  • To start make a small pause of 30-50 minutes will be enough to escape and return to the rightattitude.
  • Try to prepare for intimacy, get rid of negative thoughts, forget about all the problems and remove themselves stress, think only of the Lady and the upcoming pleasures.
  • If you did not get up, try not to think about it and take a longer time his partner and her satisfaction.The more you get hung up on the problem, the harder it will be to return an erection.
  • Try to relax and get maximum pleasure from the contemplation of the girl.Themselves do not notice how you will return the excitement, and with it and an erection.
  • Pay attention to your fitness.You may want to get rid of the extra kilos and do sports.This exercise strengthens the blood vessels and normalize the functioning of the heart, which is essential to having an erection.
  • can use special drugs such as Cialis or Viagra.But they give a one-time effect, and does not eliminate the problem itself.

If a problem occurs with an erection is not the first time, refer to the sex therapist.It will help you understand exactly your case and solve the problem.

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