What are the pads ?

know all the answers can not be a single person.Think of yourself as you surf the Internet when you want to learn anything.So the question of why we need the gasket needs to be detailed and comprehensive explanation.After all, it can ask the girl approaching adolescence, when my mother was not able to explain such a delicate moment.This may be interested in boys, not to get into an awkward situation of not knowing, seeing a huge number of advertisements with gaskets.In the end, often older women have no idea how to respond to their babies, why do we need the gasket.

Why pads need women?

First of all, you should know that the laying only women need.And in fact, why do we need the gasket women, we are now face it.The following types of feminine sanitary pads:

  • pads for menstruation
  • panty liners

As a rule, when the girl reaches puberty (12-14 years), it happens every month menstruation (periods), that is bleeding from the vagina.This is a completely natural process, which means that she is ripe for conception, and is able to become pregnant, unless it is to protect themselves during sex.Bleeding usually lasts from 3 to 5 days and is normally repeated every month.That's what the girls needed gaskets - monthly not to violate the traditional way of life and does not stain clothes.Naturally, this still needs to learn how to dress proklaki, because often even the first time it is difficult to do something basic!

In addition, isolation during menstruation creates fertile ground for the formation of bacteria in the intimate zone of the woman, and gaskets are necessary hygiene means, which should be changed from time to time, maintaining cleanliness.Gaskets are necessary for all the girls during menstruation.

more isolated panty liners, which are necessary for women to maintain a clean and fresh underwear.Panty liners are needed in order to absorb the mucus that can stain the laundry.

that the answer to the child?

When the kid sees on TV advertising of feminine sanitary pads, it is not surprising that he would be interested in, what do you want for women lining.To the child is not pasted your apartment dailies, thinking that this label should tell the truth, but without further details.

children can be explained that the gaskets - a diaper for adult women.They need mothers once a month to soak up the blood, which means that the mother is healthy and still able to bear children.It is better to give truthful information, otherwise the child will still find the answer elsewhere, and who knows what kind of information it receives.