How to treat coleitis ?

How to treat coleitis ?

Any disease of female genital sphere gives the fair sex a lot of inconvenience.Colpitis is no exception.In this disease, inflamed vaginal mucosa, and there are liquid separation, in advanced cases turn into pus.

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Traditional treatments for vaginitis

Treatment vaginitis or vaginitis, should be started as early as possible.In this case, there is a chance to cope with the disease quickly and eliminate the disease completely.Medications and treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor.two methods can be selected: The local treatment and general therapy.

Local treatment

The process is hygienic care of the sexual organs.It will need to wash them with special antiseptic solutions.It is also allowed the use of infusions of herbs.If you choose this method, be aware that the treatment may not exceed four days.


therapy General medicine involves finding the causative agent.They can be aureus, Chlamydia, Streptococcus, Haemophilus influenzae, or mycoplasma.In identifying the causes of inflammation of the physician selected the appropriate drug - an antibiotic - for the destruction of the microbe-pathogen.Independently choose the antibiotic treatment is impossible, because only a doctor can take into account all factors.. Stage of the disease, its form, symptoms, etc.

Folk remedies for the treatment of vaginitis

If the visit to the doctor for some reason is delayed, and start disease is notwant, you can begin to treat coleitis folk remedies.

  1. Honey.The daily portion - 150 grams.During the day, take the honey teaspoon, dissolving it under his tongue.Besides honey smeared sore spot.Duration of treatment is not more than seven days in the absence of an allergy to bee products.
  2. Infusion for douches with immortelle.We need to take 20 grams of immortelle sand, pour 500 ml boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, then cool and carry douching.The course of treatment no more than three or four days.
  3. Infusion of calendula.The drug calendula (marigold) to be brewed in boiling water (2 tbsp. L. 250 ml).Insist and cool.Drink three times a day, two tablespoons of the infusion.This tool is used for both internal use and as a means of irrigation.

Preventive measures

Once the disease has been eliminated, it is necessary to take care of preventive measures to coleitis not come back again in a few days.Performing only two conditions will greatly simplify the task.

  1. strengthens the immune system.You can ask your doctor to prescribe vitamin and mineral complex, taking into account the state of your health.
  2. hygiene.Physical cleanliness and purity of the intimate relationship will help to keep the health of the woman her reproductive system.