How to give the guy understand ?

How to give the guy understand ?

man and woman think differently.And so ladies need to learn to communicate to members of the opposite sex the right information, taking into account their particular perception.

Love and friendship

relationship between friends and lovers are very fragile, because you can ruin a careless word that you have created over the years.So in matters of personal and friendly relations is important to act tactfully.In this case, let's just agree that hints we will not use, because men understand them very badly, and often do not understand at all.So how ...

  • ... make it clear to the boy that he hurt you?Here it is imperative to say right (but is not going to conflict) that upset you or that his actions, words.
  • ... to make it clear that the partner you are not satisfied in bed?In this case, you need to build an ice very gently: "I like it when you do this and that.And let you do the next time and that's it.And I like it when ... "and so on. D. Point the favorite on the desired way, not forgetting to lavishly praise it.
  • ... make it clear that you want to leave / do not want to meet or talk?It should be delicate, and categorical, so as not to give false hopes guy.Start with the positive aspects, in order to "sweeten the pill": "You are kind, handsome.I with you a very good fun. "Next, go to the point: "But we can not meet / communicate, because ...".It is important to give a strong argument for why you do not want to continue / start a relationship.For example: "I like the other", "We are completely different people.Each of us needs to find a more congenial person. "If you doubt that people will understand you the first time, do not promise to maintain friendly relations with him, otherwise he would still hope that you will change your mind.

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At work

Unlike lovers or friends, your colleagues, you do not have absolutely nothing, and therefore act on the job can be bolder and more categorical.So, to give a man to understand that he:

  • did you ugly, summed up - just tell him about it.If a man did not hesitate to do bad, then why should you be ashamed of it in this reproach?
  • shifts to have too many of its responsibilities - again, tell him about it.For example: "You know, at the last your request, I spent a lot of time, did not have time to do my job and had to work all weekend.Come on you the next time he will try to make their case, and that I and so is very heavily loaded. "