How to treat fibroids ?

fibroids - uterine disease, a benign tumor in the myometrium.myoma nodes come in various sizes and can weigh several kilograms.Many women believe that it is not necessary to treat in the reproductive age myoma of the uterus.They believe that it will go away.Is it true?Do fibroids herself cured with time?

Why fibroids occur?

  • pelvic inflammatory disease closely associated with the occurrence of uterine fibroids, but not always.
  • large number of sexual partners.
  • large number of abortions in the anamnesis.
  • later menarche.
  • Prolonged use intrauterine contraception or incorrectly assigned hormonal contraceptives.
  • Caesarean section and other. Surgery on the uterus and appendages.

Fibroids - this is a sign that the female body has failed.That it occurred, not necessarily related to the above risk groups, it may be ill absolutely healthy woman.

How to detect the disease?

At the age of 27-years, fibroids more common, in spite of the "rejuvenation" of the disease.Disrupted function of procreation, the woman happens conception, and she starts to calculate the days of ovulation.Difficulties arise because of the disruption of the menstrual cycle.The reception was at the gynecologist, using palpation, immediately detected the formation of hillocks.Then the doctor must give a referral for ultrasound, hysteroscopic and laparoscopic study.He and diagnosed.

Observation disease

  1. Patients should be observed periodically in the antenatal clinic.Maximum time in 6 months after the diagnosis, to conduct ultrasound.
  2. To determine the value, location and structure of the fibroids, as well as the presence of possible complications and pathologies, should be examined in more detail.Only then you can figure out how to treat fibroids.
  3. choice of methods of treatment.This may be a non-invasive strategy, the operation followed by or without medication it.
  4. prevention of tumor growth by means of conservative therapy.
  5. Treatment, recovery of the organism from inflammatory diseases in the pelvis.Addressing the causes of possible complications.

So, how to treat uterine fibroids?There are various schemes to eliminate tumors.

Conservative treatment

Once installed the complete picture of the disease, we can talk about the method of treatment.Patients should speak frankly with the gynecologist, trust him not to withhold information, to ensure that the doctor was able to provide the necessary assistance.Conservative treatment aims to avoid surgery.It stops the growth of fibroids.Carry out this treatment prior to menopause, but at this time it can be reduced.

This method is also needed when there are pathologies in which surgery is not possible.Operation with the presence of disease, carried out only in extreme cases (the opening of the nascent heavy bleeding myoma node, node necrosis).

Watch for power!To know how to treat uterine fibroids, consult your doctor.He advises you to eat protein foods, while limiting the intake of carbohydrates and fats.If you have broken the gastrointestinal tract, the doctor will recommend drinking juice from vegetables (carrot, beet, potato, cabbage) and fruit fresh apple juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

Eat foods containing a iodine (squid, seaweed, shrimp, etc.).Useful are the B vitamins, soy and vegetable oils that contain unsaturated fatty acids, arachidonic acid.

As for herbal medicine, it is impossible to treat fibroids only her.Phytotherapy should act as a complement to the main method of treatment.Use the fly agaric, hemlock, celandine, aconite.They have poisonous substances that stop the growth of fibroids.Grind Burdock root, mixing them with honey and alcohol in equal proportions.If you decide to treat fibroids by several kinds of herbs, be sure to alternate them no more frequently than every 2 weeks.Recommended Milife preparation on the basis of the fungus Fusarium, which has immunomodulatory effects.Are useful for treating tumors physical therapy, vitamin therapy and spa treatment.

More recently, women are prescribed hormonal drugs that affect the function of the ovaries.Fibroids decreased, but to remove the drug, its size is increased again.Today, instead of androgens, progestins discharged regulating menstrual function.It Utrozhestan and Duphaston.They are assigned to certain days of the cycle (16-25 days).

Uterine artery embolization - an alternative procedure in the treatment of uterine fibroids, stops blood flow to the tumor site.She is driving matter into the left uterine artery, which jammed the space between the vessels of the tumor.After that, the node regresses.The woman does not feel pain, and the next day can already be discharged.

Complications arise when sometimes embolization:

  • hematoma puncture vessels,
  • allergic reactions,
  • absence of menstruation,
  • very rare uterine tissue necrosis (necrosis).

advantages of embolization:

  • absence of blood loss,
  • minimal intervention in human organs,
  • often, fibroids do not return,
  • high percentage of efficiency,
  • rapid rehabilitation after completion of the procedure,
  • local anesthesia,
  • after treatment, there is no contraindication to pregnancy and childbirth,
  • no operation is required.


Surgical methods are used only when all of the above methods of treatment have not helped, or the patient has a contraindication to them.Surgical treatment of fibroids - a scraping of the uterus or amputation.Amputation do depending on the age of the woman.If a woman is young and nulliparous, the interference will be small.Removing do when there is no way to allocate myoma node.

There are innovative ways to treat cancer.But, if you choose this method, you must understand that risk.It is better to seek help from a competent doctor.

Folk remedies

So, how to treat fibroids folk remedies?Here are some recipes:

  • 1 tbsp.l.strawberries pour boiling water (1 cup), wrap 3 hours, then strain.Take 3 times a day for a third cup.
  • 1 tbsp.l.flaxseed pour boiling water (0.5 L).Night of a thermos.Drink 15 days, 3 times a day (150ml).

In any case, traditional tools can only be used in conjunction with medical treatment.And then, only after consultation with your doctor about this.