Why do we need the gasket ?

Why do we need the gasket ?

Gaskets - one of the main means of feminine hygiene products.Few girls can imagine themselves without these devices in the critical days.However, for the very young teenage girls that question can be new and unknown.Therefore, we propose to consider why we need the gasket.

Modern women are incredibly lucky, because these hygiene products let you feel comfortable and look neat during menstruation.

Feminine hygiene articles - simply indispensable feature designed to absorb secretions during the menstrual cycle.If not for these adaptations, women would have to sit out a few days at home or suffer from various improvised means capable of somehow replace them - cotton sheets, etc.

dealt with the question of why the girls lining, you should pay attention to their diversity and particular application.

Species feminine sanitary pads

Currently, many companies engaged in the production of hygiene data, however, despite the use of different fillers, various forms of design variations or packages of all sizes can be divided into several types.

  • Regular pads.They are designed to absorb the average amount of emissions and are ideal for use during the day.
  • Maxi superprokladki or can be used in the days of the most active discharge, usually a 1 or 2 day cycle.
  • Night pads.This type is perfect for night-time, as they are longer and provide the best absorption and lack of leaks in the supine position.The amount contained in the pads absorbent gel allows a woman to feel a sense of comfort throughout the night and to avoid leakage in the bedding or sleeping clothes.
  • Ultrathin pads.They are very compact and easy to use.However, their ability to absorb the procedure below, which is why they are suitable for days with an average of menses, or a woman's risk is very often to change hygiene or detect leakage on your clothes.
  • Daily pads.Many people wonder why women laying everyday use.Their direct purpose - to absorb the daily mucus, which deliver a certain discomfort.They can also be used in low bleeding in the last days of menstruation or for extra protection while using tampons.

Often, instead of napkins women use tampons, because it is simple enough and very convenient.For more information about this tool, you will learn from the article What are tampons.

Terms of Use

before using the seal, it is worth paying attention to its capacity, it is indicated by the filled droplets.

  • 3 drops - for scarce discharge;
  • 4 drops - for the average number of selections;
  • 5 drops - for heavy discharge.

recommended time to use the pads ranges from 2 to 6 hours.Theoretically, you can walk with them, and more, but it is quite uncomfortable and harmful, since the blood - is an organic substance that has a feature to decompose, giving off a huge amount of harmful germs and bad breath.

More more information about feminine hygiene products and their application of the article, you'll learn why women need pads.