How to apologize to the guy?

How to apologize to the guy?

There was a quarrel between a man and a woman?This is not the time to figure out who is right and who is wrong.The main thing - who first sdelaetshag reconciliation.It is more important to restore peace, than to prove his innocence.Keeping in mind this principle, it will be easier izvinitsya.Kak apologize to the guy if the girl is convinced that under no circumstances should not have to apologize first?

apology - the key to reconciliation

truly humble chelovekuizvinitsya easy.Such a person will not be offended because of the little things, the parties favorite.Of course, something very hurt our feelings, but something - not very.This is similar to bodily injury - light cuts, abrasions, bruises or more serious injuries.Any such damage to the demands of their treatment.Also quarrel - minor trouble, friction, irritation are inevitable and do not expect an apology to each of these cases.But if you are not just a quarrel, and very hurt, get ready for an apology.

To say with certainty how to apologize to the man, it is necessary to determine the cause of the conflict.For what you ask for forgiveness? Something nemyagko said defiantly or did someone flirted or give your phone number?The reasons are many, resentment on the part of your boyfriend - was, and therefore apologize to the guy - you.

Generally for female apology - it's not a problem.Gentle eyes, light kiss, a few words whispered in your ear, a warm hug - here are some cute "stuff" available to every girl.But if you decide to apologize nicely, so to speak, "in a big way," Prepare something more serious.

Beautiful apology to boyfriend

Maybe strange to say how nice to apologize to the guy.Do you think that men are deprived of romance?You are wrong!Yes, they are the stronger sex, and trying to look like that, but at heart do not mind a romantic dinner with a delicious favorite dish.

befriended her boyfriend on a romantic dinner.Light the candles, cool wine or champagne.Choose a gentle melody that will adorn your dinner.Oh, this evening it will delight, and even more so if you are close to, his girlfriend.In such circumstances, it will be easier to explain to the guy and he listened very carefully to your apology.Hope for forgiveness, it will give you confidence.

Beautiful apology is not meaningless.I think maybe we should give the guy some kind of trinket, but with a deep meaning.For example, the keys on the key ring with a heart or a locket with your photo.Or, order a magnet on the refrigerator with the words love.But the main thing - it is beautifully presented.

How to apologize to the guy

think that everything that we have said before - is wrong apology?Of course not.We talked ozhestah, tone of voice, the beauty of an apology.All this chudesno.No there are many techniques that show how to apologize to the man.

Firstly, do not tighten the apology.Some girls have been slow out of fear that they will be rejected.They are afraid to encounter indifference or simply do not know how to sincerely apologize.It is easy to fix, if you write on a piece of paper a few important phrases and rehearse in front of a mirror his future "speech."Be sure to watch the expression on his face, how convincing sound your words.

Secondly, without waiting for a meeting, call or write the guy a message.By the way, you can do it many times.If the front of the girl better not to pour out his feelings on the phone with the guys is not the case.They still like to hear from you an apology, the main thing - the fact of remorse.

third important condition in correct apology to Man - words.Spoken from the heart, from the warmth of your soul, a sincere apology is much better than poems or prose by an unknown author.So your words should be your feelings and experiences.You can add a few pleasant memories, which only you know, two, praise him for something specific and say that is very sorry for what he had done the deed.This will soften his heart.

And yet - Be able to sacrifice for the sake of a loved one.This is the time when you can buy tickets for the game of his favorite sports team and go with him.At the same time, explain that you are for him are capable of much, and realize the full depth of your wrong doings.Include resourcefulness and imagination, you can not imagine what they are capable.Open yourself to your guy with a completely different side.Surprise him conquer the deep remorse, and he is sure to forgive!