How to insert a tampon?

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How to insert a tampon?

In the critical days of the swab is a great alternative to pads for many girls.Tampons convenient to use while swimming, playing sports, or simply by wearing tight-fitting pants.But you need to enter a tampon right.

How to insert a tampon

buying any package with tampons, before using them be sure to read the instructions for what needed tampons and how to use them.It details how to insert a tampon of this type.We publish this article clear rules for the introduction of different types of tampons for then you can decide what you'd better buy a tampon.But in the beginning, just in case we explain where to insert a tampon.The tampon is inserted into the vagina, which is located between the anus and the urethra orifice.Schemes and video "how to insert a tampon" will help to understand the girls who have not yet had experience with the use of tampons.Remember, if you feel discomfort, then the swab is inserted incorrectly!

How to insert a tampon without an applicator

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water.Wash hands before each replacement is necessary swab.
  2. tampon without an applicator has a protective plenochku and rope.Remove the skin from the side where the rope.Slightly pull the string to see if it is well attached to the tampon.
  3. Now put your index finger into the bottom of the tampon.The rest of the film to remove it.
  4. Take a comfortable position.You can slightly bend the knees and stand up with one foot on the platform.Be sure to relax, otherwise it will hurt !!!
  5. Insert the tampon into the vagina as: up and to the side of the spine.It must be administered for the length of the index finger.The rope will remain outside.
  6. criterion of what you did the right thing would be that the tampon is not felt inside.

Inserting a tampon with an applicator

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water.Wash hands before each replacement is necessary swab.
  2. Take a comfortable position so that you it was easy to reach the vagina.Legs and arrange a little bend.One leg can be placed on the platform.
  3. Remove the wrapper from the tampon.
  4. Slide the applicator and hold the middle of it at the junction of the two tubes.
  5. Relax and free hand to spread the vagina.
  6. Insert the tampon into the vagina until your fingers, that is, to the middle.
  7. Gently push forward the inner tube applicator.
  8. Remove the applicator itself.To get rid of it should be as shown on the package with tampons.
  9. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

If this is your first experience with tampons, it is strongly recommended to study the video: how to insert a tampon.Also recall that tampons should be changed after 4-6 hours.All depends on the intensity of menstruation.And at night, use a sanitary napkin, tampon leave before going to bed is not recommended.