How do I get started monthly ?

Some girls face delayed menstruation, while others want to have these days started a little earlier.They are also called: menstruation or Regulus.Critical days can be associated with various factors.For example: stress, heavy physical congestion, climate change, all kinds of gynecological diseases, medications and of course pregnancy.We'll give a few tips to get started menstruating.And so: "What to do to start the month?".

need to start "these days"

  • Stop drinking contraceptives.Two days will be spent.
  • gynecologist can prescribe medication that is right for you.
  • can advise what to buy to start these days, pharmacists in the pharmacy.
  • Admission drugs such as emergency contraception, "eskapel", "postinor" or "mifepristone".These medications can adversely affect the heart, blood vessels, brain, etc.Therefore, these drugs are appointed only in exceptional circumstances (rape, condom broke, etc.).For example, the use of "postinor", which is used to correct the onset of the cycle, may result in the treatment of various problems with the menstrual cycle over the next years.

Start off the critical days

There are many different options on what to do to have begun monthly.Including those that can be used without assistance.Call the month can be in many ways, also very simple.Any of the following recipes can be found in any pharmacy only, but also in ordinary grocery store or at home.You can try the following options:

  • Take a hot bath with table salt and iodine, after the physical work, such as weight lifting.
  • Eat ascorbic acid pills (1gramm per day) and hover legs or take a relaxing essential oil of lavender bath.Large doses of vitamin C accelerate the maturation of the egg.But, if you have problems with the stomach, then drink the pills throughout the day.Besides, I do not advise to drink for those who suffer from allergies, to avoid allergic reactions.
  • Try to eat a couple of lemons a day.But only for those who do not have high acidity.Also do not forget about your dental health.
  • Putting all dishes parsley and dill in large quantities.
  • Drink a glass onion peel off or nettle leaves, and take quite a hot bath.This is the safest way.
  • Take the infusion of a mixture of chamomile flowers, mint leaves (in 4 parts), and valerian root (3 parts).Tablespoon of the mixture pour boiling water, brew and drink half a cup of hot twice a day.Drink throughout the day for 2 tablespoons 2 cups of broth.
  • Or drink a strong decoction of chamomile flowers, tansy and wormwood.Drink 1-2 tablespoons of strong broth.Two cups will be enough.But wormwood and tansy have very unpleasant and bitter taste.In addition, an overdose can cause poisoning.
  • Drink elecampane root.It is considered particularly strong drug.It is recommended to ingest 50 grams.Otherwise, a large dose may turn into uterine bleeding.
  • Make exercises, particularly squats help (at least 20 times) and press.In general, play sports, and there will be problems.Sport has beneficial effects on blood flow.Guaranteed.
  • can help a glass of milk with a drop of iodine.This may cause severe poisoning.

You can use one of the tips, what to do to have begun menstruating.But do not forget that the reaction at all can be different.From allergies to gastric disorders.And consultation with a specialist is many times better than the self.