How to name your favorite guy?

How to name your favorite guy?

Every girl wants to somehow in an especial pleasure to call her boyfriend.But often, in addition to the banal "bunny", "cat" and "sun" nothing happens to come up.We offer you a list of words to call for a Man beloved original and gently.


choosing the right word, think about whether it is right for your young man.The word must not only reflect your feelings, but also emphasize the advantages and features of selected men.

  • only - will give the man confidence and strength.
  • Native - suitable for a very close relationship, when you really feel a part of it yourself.
  • candyman - because, really, affection can be compared with the sweetness.
  • Sexy - every man would like to hear such things about myself every day.However, such a nickname is not suitable for any group of people.
  • best - this is probably the limit of male dreams.
  • hot - it will emphasize his passion and manhood.
  • Divine - a word emphasize its importance to the man in your life.
  • Sincere - openness of a loved one in front of you.
  • talented - inspire confidence and faith in their own strength.
  • Soulful - will show man how much you with good and comfortable.
  • Gentle - remind the elect, as you well in its strong masculine arms.
  • genius - some men like it when they emphasize the mind and intellect.This word is suitable for all 100!

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If you still have not decided what to call your favorite guy - do it by name.Just use its diminutive form.All psychologists in one voice say, that person does not have nicer words than his name.This can be and use.By the way, the name you can choose the consonant word that will emphasize your warm feelings and mood for a playful way.Here are some examples:

  • Andryushenka (Andrei - darling);
  • Seryozhenka (Earrings - tasty morozhko);
  • Sasha (Sasha - pretty attractive face, Sasha - tselovashki);
  • Maximushka (Maxim - I need you);
  • Matveychik (Matthew - the light of my soul).

Interesting words

can find a suitable man funny nickname, as long as it was not offensive, and expressed your affection and love.

  • Musipusik;
  • Dinosaur;
  • Slonёnochek;
  • Puzichek;
  • almazik;
  • Cupcake;
  • Fuzzy;
  • Darling, Darling;
  • Donut;
  • Siropchik;
  • Bear;
  • Sonia;
  • lapulka;
  • Pryanichek;
  • Peach.

very important to pronounce all the words from the heart.The only way you will be able to convey my most sincere, tender and warm feelings to your loved one.However, remember that excessive "baby talk" often annoys men, so it is best to restrict the words "cute", "expensive", "home".

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