How to change pads ?

Nowadays women and girls during the critical days helps set of hygienic means to feel comfortable, comfortable.

Women's sanitary napkins

Ideal for women in those days considered sanitary napkins.They are distinguished by shape thickness (from 3 to 12 mm), the number of absorbent, structurally, with "winglets," or without them.

most popular pads is: Always, Kotex, Libress, Naturella.Depending on how much abundant amount of bleeding, girls or women are defined as the change pads.Usually this Norman, Super, Ultra (from one to six droplets drops).At low blood secretions are commonly used normal (one-two drops).If bleeding is very heavy use super, for the night (from 3 to 6 drops).

How frequently change pads

Menstrual blood is the ideal environment for all kinds of infections, intestinal bacteria.The more frequently changing pad, the less the possibility of infection, bacteria in internal genital organs.Do not wait until the blood pour over wings.When changing the pads better each time to spend cleaning the hygienic.When emptying the bowel lining, too, should be replaced.

Sanitary pads on every day

very convenient for girls and women laying on every day.They absorb vaginal discharge, protecting the underwear of the smell and stains.

As women change pads every day with different underwear?There are many varieties of gaskets for the day: for strings, white, black for dark clothes.Regularly changing pads postpartum during menopause, women will feel comfortable and confident.Since the last days of menstruation highlight small, it is possible to replace the conventional gaskets daily.

Tampons Tampons

convenient pads, they can not be felt, only need to push deeper into the vagina (in the middle third of the vagina).Tampons better than the pads while swimming in a pool or pond, but after bathing they must be changed.Tampons for active girls, and they need to be changed every 3-4 hours.

menstrual cup

This hygiene means the least known.Menstrual cup - tank (plastic, latex or silicone) installed in the vagina, which are going to menses.Menstrual cup should be emptied and washed at least 2-4 times a day, which is not always convenient.