How do I get monthly not started ?

Like it or not, and Murphy's Law has not been canceled.It usually manifests itself in the most crucial, important, serious moment or day of the wedding.The same applies to the menstrual cycle.To everyone's regret of all the fairer sex it is critical days come at the most inopportune moment, for example, while on vacation, relaxing on the sea, etc.Because of all the hassles that accompany the girls steadily during the month, the questions arise: what to do to monthly not begun before the scheduled date?What actually needs to do or eat that throughout the month of month is not it?that would address these issues, women often turn often to doctors for advice.And the doctors, hearing such a question as: what to do, what to eat pills or vitamins that have not begun monthly?- Are mainly responsible: it is not necessary to experience and endangering the organism.Intervention in the menstrual cycle can lead to big problems, which can then be accompanied by a woman before the end of her days, or even be fatal.If

gone monthly, what to do

absence of menstruation - the first sign of pregnancy.In order to verify the reliability, cost test for determining pregnancy.In case of positive test results, it is necessary to make an appointment to see a doctor, which would check the status of the embryo in the uterine cavity.If you are not pregnant, and still no monthly, you should consult a gynecologist - obstetrician.Your doctor will help determine the cause of absence of menstruation.Do not neglect the absence of menstruation, it is best to keep a menstrual cycle calendar.

Tips to avoid monthly at the right time

During vacation, holiday or other important events to monthly was no need to plan their passage to it.In order that would have started ahead of schedule monthly, you need to drink water pepper tincture or decoction with nettles.They shorten the passage of monthly and increase blood clotting.Just speed up the passage of the monthly decoction of shepherd's purse (herb).The most common way to monthly did not go - it lemons.They delay the onset of menstruation for a few days, sometimes a week push their arrival.With medical devices, you can speed up the passage through monthly "menadione" and calcium chloride mixed with milk.Vitamins A and C will accelerate the onset of menstruation, and their vitamin E delay.In 1-2 weeks, you can postpone the coming month, if taken without a break in the 7 days of oral contraceptives, ie contraception.