How to deal with the former ?

How to deal with the former ?

our lives, sadly, is made up of meetings and partings.Human feelings are changeable and unpredictable, and it is impossible to predict in advance how to swap your relationship with a loved one over time.

When life events occur, leading to the separation from loved or loved soul flooded with a wave of emotion, often uncontrolled, and the main question that resonates in the mind of each, how to deal with the former, and whether it is to communicate.

Council on each case can not be given, how many people, so many relationships.But there are general guidelines that should help everyone.

rank without emotion

First of all, the question of whether, for example, how to deal with ex-boyfriend, should be decided not in the storm of emotions, but calmly and with reason, when the stress will pass.Emotions can not rage forever, so you need to give yourself a time-out, to get away from the routine and calm down, without taking any rash decisions until.

When the head is able to think soberly assess your relations with the former favorite, try to understand what was the real reason for separation, if any, to the continuation of any relationship.By the way, these recommendations are justified and when it comes to how to deal with ex-girlfriend.

If you do not absolutely nothing in common, and the continuation of the relationship does not make sense.But usually in this couple's life, ending a love relationship, to live side by side, in the general society, to communicate at work or in other areas of life.

In this case, sit down and think about it, what model of a new relationship with your ex you want to select.

Model new relationships

There are several options - remain just friends, continue to meet for sex, try after some time to start all over again.

first option is the most common and the most honest, although in many cases there is a self-deception when talking about friendship, the former favorite mean something quite different.Most often, we mean the absence of hostility, no claims to each other.True friendship means a continuation of a fairly intimate relationship when you can share with someone their joys and troubles, and help him to get help.But it is no sex!That is, there have to believe in intersexual friendship.If over time, sexual desire is still there, it is thus the second or third option is selected relations.

Correct communication after the break

In any case, in the first period after a breakup you need to take a firm decision to base the relationship is not stormy and emotional figuring out who is right and who is wrong and correct polite communication, based on logic and reason.This format of communication will establish some distance and make it easier to survive the break, as you yourself and the people around you - friends, family, children.

We must always remember that the past - it is always a stepping stone to the future, but it still remains in the past.Keep in mind that any break in relations is under a serious cause, and broken relationships are rarely recovered, if not disappear reason, which served as a base gap.

So can let the past remain the past and it is worth thinking about how to continue life, to gain invaluable experience?

Human feelings are changeable and unpredictable, and it is impossible to predict in advance how to swap your relationship with a loved one over time.