How to treat cystitis in women ?

How to treat cystitis in women ?

Cystitis - a serious disease of the genitourinary system.His treatment should be complex, only then it will be possible to completely get rid of the disease and to exclude the possibility of its occurrence in the chronic form.Consider how to treat cystitis in women using the medicine and folk remedies.

Medicines for the treatment of cystitis

treat cystitis, you must use a number of drugs that have a specific spectrum of action.In this case they must appoint a physician conducted after the survey and received assays.Then therapy will increase the efficiency and recovery will not last for a long time.

antibiotics in the treatment of cystitis in women necessarily used antibiotics.They allow you to neutralize the infection that caused the disease.Among the most effective antibiotics for cystitis are the following:

  • "Fosfomycin".Modern drug that can be used even by women who are pregnant.Typically, doctors prescribe a remedy in the form of candles, the components of which penetrate into the bladder and are struggling with the disease-causing bacteria.
  • "Monural".Effective drug that suppresses the majority of pathogens cystitis.It is perfectly digestible and has a long therapeutic effect.
  • "nolitsin".This tool is used even in chronic cystitis, as it possesses a broad spectrum of action.But it has a number of contraindications, which need to know before using this medication.


addition to antibiotics, antibacterial agents can be assigned.Among the most popular and effective of these are the following:

  • "furadonin".It softens and relieves symptoms of cystitis pain that always accompanies such disease.This drug can be taken even during pregnancy and in the elderly.
  • "Rulid".Antimicrobial possessing broad spectrum of activity.It perfectly neutralizes urogenital infections.
  • "Palin".This drug is an antimicrobial agent uroantisepticheskoe.He quickly cope with an infection present in the urinary tract.


Additionally, your doctor may prescribe antispasmodics.Usually they are necessary when there is blood in urine.As a rule, experts in cystitis prescribed "no-silos", "papaverine" or "Spazmalgon".

Folk remedies for the treatment of cystitis

use traditional remedies for the treatment of cystitis is best in combination with drug therapy.The course of treatment should be from 15 to 40 days.


Take 1 tbsp.spoons of calendula, chamomile and yarrow.Pour 500 ml of boiling water collection and leave for 2 hours.Strain the resulting vehicle and drink 50 ml for 30 minutes before eating.If you have a chronic cystitis, that these herbs need to add 10 grams of corn stigmas.

For the treatment of cystitis, you can use a different collection.Take 1 part of the rhizome and birch buds, 2 parts of yarrow and bearberry.Boil 2 tbsp.spoon ready Cathedral 500 ml of water and place on low heat.Incubate the broth for 10 minutes, then strain and cool.Drink it during the day, dividing means 4 times.

roots sunflower

effective in treating cystitis sunflower roots.They need to be digging in the autumn, and then dried in a room for several weeks.Needless agent prepared as follows: take 200 grams of the roots and pour 1 liter of boiling water.Insist it for 1 hour, then strain and take a glass 3 times a day.

Polypore Mushroom Mushroom

trutovnik is a unique tool that quickly gets rid of cystitis.We need to take 2 tbsp.tablespoons raw pour 300 ml of boiling water.The drug put on low heat and soak 20 minutes.Then leave it for 4 hours, strain and take 5 times a day for 20 ml.

Black radish, vodka and honey

Mix 200 ml of vodka, juice of black radish and honey.Leave the mixture on for three days, then take 2 tablespoons.spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.The course of treatment should last as long as the facility is completed.

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