What to do to send monthly ?

Monthly joy does not deliver, but also come on the eve of an important event.What do you do, sit in the corner and be afraid to move?No one woman is not attractive, and therefore the question arises, what to do to not go monthly on your schedule?

Just have to say, if the question "what to do to send monthly" arises in connection with a suspected pregnancy, and so you want to get rid of it, the following methods are provided below, you will not fit.In this case, you must consult a doctor and not to experiment themselves.If we turn to the gynecologist with this problem, explaining the need for this upcoming holiday or festive event, then any good doctor will advise you.Most likely, he inveighs of violence on his body.Yes, there are drugs that cause menstruation, but change all the hormones, and with this not to be trifled.In addition to medications, there are folk remedies, which cause periods, but they also are not harmless.And they are your doctor will advise to apply only in extreme cases.A vacation due to such circumstances, of course, can not disrupt.But, despite these warnings, women still take medications that accelerate the arrival of menstruation and using traditional methods.

Traditional methods

Thinking about what to do, to go month earlier, women have become obsessed with this idea and completely forget about the harm to the organism.Even innocuous herbs act on each different.And so be careful and think about it once, and you really need it, because it will bring down cycle, and restore it will not be easy.

  1. The most common way to call ahead of schedule monthly (instead of hormones) is to stop taking oral contraceptives.Menses may start earlier, but better to carry out this procedure under the supervision of your doctor.
  2. sometimes come before menstruation is ascorbic acid.For the effect to be taken 2 g askorbinki and hover on their feet night.But remember that acid is not good for your body, and this number may adversely affect the stomach.

How to speed up the appearance of menstruation folk remedies

The most common method of joining monthly - this with a bay leaf or parsley:

  • bay leaf brew as a tea (3 leaf to one cup of boiling water), drink it is necessary to 3 cups aday.Drink dangerous very strong broth, then, should be to follow the exact dosage;
  • parsley broth, on the contrary, can be used safely.Take it for 3-4 days before the arrival of the monthly plan for 0.5 cups twice a day.If you use a lot of parsley with dill, then the month can go a few days earlier;
  • monthly to quickly start, you can drink oregano.Buy at the pharmacy ready bags with grass, prepare a decoction and drink it like a normal tea;
  • very common use tansy recommendations sage or nettle to call monthly.The first two plants alone can not be used, if to err on the dose, can be poisoned.Nettle is better not to use it because it strongly thicken the blood;
  • often to hasten the coming month, we recommend taking a hot bath with salt and iodine.The effectiveness of this method has not been confirmed.In addition, these procedures can take people who have never experienced problems with the heart or blood vessels.