How to explain to the guy ?

How to explain to the guy ?

Probably everyone has heard this phrase: "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus."What does it mean?Does this mean that we are so different that they can not understand each other?I would like to believe that this is not the case.After all, men and women will always be live and build their happiness together.Today we will talk about how to explain to the guy or the man his point of view, if it is not configured to listen to you.

Women wisdom

women's rights play a major role in the relationship.The man set to achieve in the outer world, and a woman - in the inner.It is with the help of women's wisdom to build a harmonious relationship as a couple.

psychologists give some tips on how to build a dialogue with the woman his chosen him to understand it.

  • not turn in on themselves, do not expect a man to guess about your own desires.This is a common mistake many women.He must understand that ... Nothing he does not have, the more able to read minds.Because of this vagueness and often there are conflicts and misunderstanding.
  • When you explain something, do not criticize, do not scold her man.Swearing you will not achieve anything.Always try to speak calmly, kindly, even if you fundamentally do not agree with her man.Do not cut, do not make a complaint, do not throw phrases like "you still did not work", "You do not know how, do not know" and so on. D.
  • Do not play the mom or boss does not teach, do not readnotations, do not learn to live.Remember, if you suppress the Man, your relationship will collapse.Do not try to win or beat the man.This is its role - to be a winner.Your task - to prove his innocence at any cost, and to find a compromise.A woman should be flexible.
  • Talk easier.Most women say some hints and riddles that men difficult to decipher.Speak directly and specifically, in the case.Do not jump from topic to topic, do not say just about everything.
  • Give the man time.When we asked or expressed a thought, not in a hurry to get an immediate reaction.Be patient and wait for the guy to answer.Do not interrupt the man in conversation.
  • Listen to his proposals.If he says something, offers, do not rush to object, to contradict, argue.I think maybe he's right?

Visuals, audialy, kinesthetic

See what channel your perception is dominated by men.People are divided into audialov, visual and kinestetikov.Audialy better perceive information on hearing, visuals - visual images, have dominated kinestetikov sensory perception.Maybe your man does not hear you because you speak another language?Speak the language of your guy.

  • If he audial, use verbs: Listen, it sounds good, let's discuss, etc. Talk ingratiating, melodious voice, in any case, do not shout...
  • If it is visual, you can help the following turns of speech: Look, see, see, see, bright picture, etc. Make sure the guy could see you when talking, use expressive gestures...
  • If he kinestetik, say these words, I feel that .. you know what I mean, change for the better, my feelings are, etc. When the talk, hug, take a hand, pat on the shoulder...

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