How to treat endometriosis ?

Today, dear reader, let's talk about an unpleasant illness and think about how to treat endometriosis.In the struggle against the disease, as is known, all methods are good.That is why we will touch on how the medical aspects of the treatment of diseases and folk remedies.So:

We treat endometriosis

This gynecological disease is not uncommon.In medical environment, it is defined as the expansion of the inner layer of the uterus.This is due to the fact that this layer of cells change their structure, which in fact leads to undesirable results.Bleeding that occur during the cycle changes occur, including, and in these cells, which in turn results in pain and even infertility.

Probably the most correct way out of this situation - this appeal to an experienced doctor who can offer real help in the treatment of disease.However, many traditional methods can help.How to treat endometriosis folk remedies:

  • clay treatment has long established itself as a very effective tool to combat the development of a number of nasty diseases.Used to treat endometriosis, usually blue or gray clay.The content of the land in its composition should be minimal.Crumble the clay into a bowl and pour warm water, so that only a little to hide the surface of the clay.Leave the prepared mixture for the night.After softening clay, must be drained and begin to mix the clay mass.Stir until clay while it reaches the level of density of exemplary consistency of sour cream.After that you need to heat the mixture in a water bath or heat.To do this, take about 500-750 grams.substance.Strongly heat the clay can not be, because it is simply harden.After heating the clay lay on the oilcloth and made her a cake with a diameter of 2-3 centimeters.Apply clay to the stomach by the distance between the navel and the pubis.Wrap the woolen scarf belly and lie down under a blanket for two hours.After that, remove the clay.The procedure is performed every day once.Every time you want to use a new clay mixture.
  • beet juice rescues women during the menstrual disorders.It is known that the juice of this vegetable is a very good remedy for many diseases.For the treatment of endometriosis drink from 50 to 100 milliliters of juice 2-3 times a day.Start with small doses and gradually increase them.Before use, the mixture needs to brew for 4-6 hours in the refrigerator.
  • very effective in the treatment of endometriosis next gathering herbs.To make it, you will need one tablespoon of elderberry flowers, raspberries, mint leaves, chamomile, tysyacheletnika, nettle and Bukovinians drug.As well as two tablespoons herb sage and marshmallow.This fee must be filled with two liters of boiling water and insist 2 hours.Take a glass of the mixture 4 times a day for half an hour before a meal.The remaining broth is typically used for irrigation.The course of treatment is 2 weeks.The repetition rate can be carried out after 10 days.

How to treat endometriosis medically?The process of treating endometriosis in clinic walls begins with step multifactorial diagnostics.Only on the basis of the information received, and generates the doctor develops a strategy for treating a disease.In addition to direct treatment of the disease, the specialist care of the disappearance of the severe consequences of endometriosis.

treatment within the walls of specialized institutions - it is a better choice than getting rid of the disease to means of folk medicine.Take our advice to thinking, dear reader, and you will avoid the serious consequences of an unpleasant illness.