What are " these days " ?

Что такое "эти дни"?

"These days," as well as "critical days" refers to the period when the girl, women go monthly.The fact that it is for the process and why it happens, we will explain below.

Monthly - what is it?

Critical days (in the professional medical terminology is called menstruation) - is the time when a woman is released from the vagina blood.There is once a month and lasts from 4-5 to 7-8 days - each woman differently.

There are periods of the fact that the separated upper layer of the uterine tissue.This happens every month when the woman is not pregnant.If it is set, then the critical days of stop and start again until some time after birth.

first month in girls begin between the ages of 9 to 15-16 years.Duration depends on many factors: heredity, the structural features of the body, the body's state of health and even weight.Usually fuller girls menses occurs earlier than the more slender contemporaries.

How are monthly?

It usually starts with a small spotting.More heavy bleeding occurs during the second or third day.And from the fourth day, discharge becomes less and less, until they did not stop.

There is such a thing as "menstrual cycle" - this time from the first day of one month to the first day of the next.The length of the cycle, according to the norms, is 21-30 days, depending on a variety of parameters: the health of women, especially its body outside factors.In 21 minutes or, for example, the 26th day of each month, a woman begins the critical days.

Typically, many women in this period (especially in the first few days) experience pain (as subtle as strong) in the lower abdomen.They may have a headache, a woman may feel sick, it can be in a bad mood, irritability.All this is connected with the biological processes that occur during menstruation in the body.After the critical days of the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

hygiene during menstruation

With what is "those days" and how they occur, we understand.Now we offer to learn how to practice good hygiene during menstruation, as well as what you can and can not do these days.

So, in order to protect clothes from blood, using special pads and tampons.Gaskets by adhesive base and "wings" is attached to the underwear and pads inserted into the vagina.Young girls make better use of pads for tampons require some skill.

Depending on the intensity of bleeding, you can select pads / swabs on a particular number of drops.So, 2-3 drops will be enough with a moderate bleeding, and 5-6 - with abundant.There are also night-pads - they provide maximum protection for clothes and bed linen from contamination during sleep.

also very important during the critical days to wash 2-3 times a day to keep the intimate zone completely clean.

With regard to different activity in those days, that women should avoid:

  • visits baths and saunas, solarium - from high temperatures may increase bleeding.
  • Basin (if you use a lining).If you use a tampon, a little swim quite acceptable.After that, it is necessary to change the pad or replace the gasket.
  • gyms.Intensive sports training during menstruation are undesirable, however, medium-class degree or the lungs are allowed.You should also avoid exercise in which the hips are above your head, such as exercise "Birch".

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