How to treat cervical erosion ?

Our Health - the main value of any age.Guarantee a long happy life - attention to your body, early treatment and prevention of various ailments.To date, unfortunately, the topic of how to treat cervical erosion, it is for many women to date.They want to know whether or not to cure the disease at home may have our answer - yes, it is possible, but only after consultation with your doctor, and only in the form of collateral, rather than the primary treatment.Learn more about what a cervix can be found here: What is the cervix ?.

The dangerous erosion

erosion - are small sores on the mucosal surface of the uterus that affect the integrity or change the appearance of the mucosa.These injuries are not precursors of cancer, but if left untreated erosion, then after a while, the cancer may appear in its place.More you can read about what the erosion here: What is erosion ?.

Before visiting a gynecologist, a woman can not be found at the erosion, which is at 50% of the female.It can also happen that the patient simply to ignore any symptoms of the disease and until recently did not go to the doctor.

Symptoms erosion

  • Uncomfortable urination.
  • Burning or itching after intercourse.
  • Pain in the genital area at high physical exertion and prolonged standing.
  • very copious.

Causes of the disease

  • mechanical damage.
  • Inflammatory processes are often triggered by diseases that are sexually transmitted.

When the first symptoms, consult a gynecologist, it will tell you how to cure cervical erosion.Do not attempt to treat yourself!Do not listen to any one's advice, do not risk your own health!

Cervical erosion: folk remedies

In the fight against this disease you can help traditional medicine.If you are already being treated, the appointed expert, you can get acquainted with recipes that will help improve the overall effect of the treatment.

  1. Sea buckthorn oil.This oil is endowed with regenerating properties, so it is used for changes and damage to the mucosa.Use a swab soaked in sea buckthorn oil well.Place the swab yourself into the vagina before going to bed and leave it there overnight.Do this daily for 10 days.
  2. Pumpkin pulp.Some traditional healers claim that the best home treatment of cervical erosion takes place due to the pulp of the pumpkin.Clean the pulp of ripe pumpkins from seeds, mash it up a bit and wrap it in a bandage or gauze.You will get swab.Enter it on the night of her vagina until the morning.
  3. Flaxseed.About the medicinal properties of this unique product have heard many.Prepare the jelly of flax seed: Pour a glass of water two pinches of seeds and simmer it until thickened over a low heat.Obtaining funds soak gauze and put it on the night in the vagina.Treatment was started at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, after the end spotting.The course of treatment - 14 days, then a break - 10 days and re-treatment at the beginning of the next menstrual cycle.
  4. Mummies.The aqueous solution mummy as well helps in the fight against ulcers on the mucosa.Buy it in pharmacies, dissolve it in water (2.5 g mummy 0.1 liters of water).Soak them plugs and put them on the night.The procedure lasts three weeks after it should be a break for 10 days and repeat the course.

Douching against erosion

  1. oak bark.Grind 15 g of oak bark, place it in a clean, dry bowl and mix with water (0.5 L).Boil, cool and strain broth.Twice a day use this tool in the form of heat for douching.The course lasts for 10-14 days.
  2. Calendula.This plant has wound-healing properties, so it is often used in the treatment of cervical erosion.Make an infusion of calendula: pour 0.4 liters of boiling water two pinches of dry plants.Warm the solution for 20 minutes and cool.You can also make an aqueous alcohol solution: a glass of water, use one tablespoon of the plant.

popular recipes to help treat cervical erosion are many.But be careful with them, some of them are able to do more harm than good!