What is a breast fibroadenoma ?

What is a breast fibroadenoma ?

Every woman should know what fibroadenoma of the breast, in time to recognize the symptoms of this disease.Fibroadenoma is a form of nodal mastopathy is a benign tumor that appears inside the breast.

in medicine emit several types of fibroadenomas.

Four types of fibroadenomas

  1. Perikanalikulyarnaya fibroid.And characterized by proliferation of fibrous connective tissue around breast ducts.
  2. Intrakanalikulyarnoe fibrous formation - pathology, in which fibrous connective tissue and grow directly into the lumen of the milk ducts itself.
  3. fibroadenoma mixed type, combining features of the previous two - a tumor growing inside the duct and the outside.To date, this type of tumor is the most common.
  4. filloidnaya fibroids, or the leaf.The most dangerous, as the fastest spreading.It affects up to two-thirds of breast volume in a very short period of time.Complicated by an increased risk of transition from a benign tumor into a malignant - cancer or sarcoma.

Causes of

exact causes of fibroadenoma breast cancer today are unknown to science.However, you can call a number of precipitating factors.Among them:

  • hormonal changes.It may occur in patients of any sex, age and social class.
  • ovarian disease, liver disease, a malfunction of the endocrine system, and so on. N.
  • cases of this disease at an early age have been recorded in girls due to puberty, and menstrual irregularities.
  • There are opinions that the appearance of fibroadenomas may provoke abortion, as well as illiterate use of hormonal contraceptives.
  • breast injury.
  • Excessive natural solarium or sunbathing.

Each of these reasons is not a statement, but it can serve as a risk factor and influence the process of the emergence of breast fibroadenoma.Check the status of your health as possible, resorting to the following diagnosis methods.

methods of diagnosis of fibroadenoma breast

use three basic methods for diagnosis.

  1. Visual inspection specialist.
  2. Ultrasound breast examination.
  3. needle biopsy (performed for sampling of cellular structure and determine the nature of education - it is benign or malignant).However, complete information appears only after undergoing surgery to remove the tumor and perform appropriate tests.

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Methods of treatment

Cure Breast fibroadenoma folk remedies or medicines can not.The tumor is removed surgically.In some cases, if the size of the formation of up to 5-8 mm, subject to the application of the course of conservative treatment aimed at the absorption of the seal.However, cases of a positive result so rare that to talk about it as one of the ways to treat quite difficult.

If the fibroadenoma size does not decrease, but rather increases, it is important not to lose time and time to perform the surgery to remove the tumor.The question of the surgery strictly adopted by the attending physician.Surgery is of two types.

  1. Sectoral resection.In this case, the tumor is removed along with the surrounding tissue.Così, if there is suspicion of a malignant tumor.
  2. enucleation.In the doctor removes only fibroadenoma time of the operation.

rehabilitation period lasts several days, takes place virtually painless.

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