What is menstruation ?

What is menstruation ?

The existence of the critical days in women and girls have heard, perhaps, one.However, what is menstruation, as it happens in the female body and what it implies rules of behavior, do not know everything.

Therefore, in this article we will talk about "red calendar days" details.

Menstruation: Menstruation definition

is a highlight in the form of blood from the uterus that occur each month.No wonder this concept is translated from Latin means "monthly".This phenomenon is caused by the rejection of the mother shell egg without fertilization.On the subject, see our article How are monthly.

In medicine, the first menstruation is called menarche.It coincides with puberty and girls begins around 12-14 years.Menstruation is accompanied by a healthy woman until the age of 45-50 years, when her menopause.A later onset of menarche may be associated with any pathology, so at first menstruation delay necessary medical examination.

What is menstruation?At the beginning of the menstrual cycle occurs follicle maturation, which comprises an egg in an ovary.When it matures, it bursts, releasing the egg into the abdominal cavity.This is called ovulation.A woman's body begins to prepare for fertilization, which is manifested in the thickening of the endometrium and increasing the amount of mucus in the cervical canal.

However, if fertilization does not occur, the blood vessels of the endometrium is rejected, accompanied by her copious from it.Such bleeding usually last 4-5 days, and then a new cycle begins.For most women, it is 28 days, but can vary between 21-32 days.

Important recommendations

Intimate hygiene is particularly important in this period.And this applies to both caving and tools that are used during menstruation.It is advisable to wash three times a day and every time after that necessarily replace the gasket.If you use tampons, change them at least every three hours, and do not enter them for the night.

As a means for cleaning the to exclude shower gels and bath soaps.Use a special gel for intimate hygiene or baby soap.A visit to saunas, swimming pools and saunas is not recommended in this period.In addition, food should not be abused and engage in heavy exercise.