What is bleach ?

What is bleach ?

Vaginal discharge or bleach present in the life of the females sometimes from birth.During the life of the future nature of such secretions of women can vary, sometimes bringing a real discomfort, and in some cases addressing serious concerns the presence of any disease.In this article we will explain what the whites in girls as they occur and when are abnormal.

Beli: basic definition

Beli - a discharge from the female genital tract that are not a pathology, and often do not require any action ever.It is important to note that this statement refers to the physiological nature belyam acting norm rather than the aberration.Such allocation odorless, resemble mucous - a clear or whitish flowers.In a small number of them are observed in all the girls.When the same amount of physiological secretions nature large, it usually happens for two reasons.

Abundant leucorrhoea often observed in girls after birth.Sometimes they even present the blood.Also, it can be released by pressing of the breast, similar to colostrum.This is called hormonal crisis, representing a response of the body girls on the high content of hormones in the mother.Such a condition usually resolves on its own within the first month of life and is not a deviation.Read on as our article selection White: that's what.

The second reason can be called to prepare the girl body's first menstrual period.Typically, the amount of data to 7-8 cables increases, indicating that hormonal changes in the body.Secretions become more viscous, but do not have an unpleasant odor or strange color.After the onset of menstruation, they become cyclical and occur in all women during certain days of the cycle.

Beli pathological character

This second type of vaginal discharge in girls, which indicates the presence of abnormalities in the body that require diagnosis and treatment.Most often this type of cables is characterized by an unpleasant odor and yellow or greenish-yellow hue.The doctor can make a diagnosis "vulvitis", "vulvovaginitis" or set other bacterial infections.This indicates the presence of inflammation of the vaginal mucosa, in which an antibiotic is prescribed.

In addition, pathological leucorrhoea may occur against the backdrop of a weakened immune system, non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, allergic diseases, helminthic infestation, etc.You will be useful also our article How to get rid of the cables.