What is a fibroadenoma ?

What is a fibroadenoma ?

there are so many different diseases on Earth and, fortunately, not all of us have to face personally.However, on some details worth knowing that the time to recognize the symptoms.These include a fibroadenoma.What is it?Called fibroadenoma breast tumor, benign wearing.To develop this new formation of cells breast itself.


fibroadenoma fibroadenoma can be normal or filloidnoy (sheet).The first variant is more common, and is divided into intrakanalikulyarnuyu, perikanalikulyarnuyu or mixed forms.The second type - sheet fibroadenoma happens much less often and has the ability to regenerate into sarcoma.Check it helps the strong growth in tumors and its rapid increase in size.

Also, speaking about the distinctive characteristics of different types of the tumor, it is worth noting the division into mature and immature fibroadenoma.Immature is inherent in young girls during puberty, mature diagnosed primarily in women 20-40 years old.

clinical picture

fibroadenoma is often a random finding on physical examination of breast by women.Palpation chest groped a small ball that rolls like under the skin.It is not engaged with the surrounding tissue is moved freely and without pain.Tumor structure is dense, smooth surface.

fibroadenomas dimensions vary from a few millimeters to five centimeters in diameter.This does not apply to filloidnomu type, in which the tumor can grow to enormous size (in advanced cases reaching the mass of 1 kg).In this case, the disease is visually apparent, the tumor literally sticks out from under the skin.

diagnosis of fibroadenoma

For the most rapid and effective diagnosis, specialists use a variety of methods.Diagnose help fibroadenomas:

  • Overhaul specialist, followed by breast palpation.
  • Ultrasonography.
  • X-ray mammography.
  • aspiration biopsy with its subsequent cytology.

latter method is used to identify the nature of the tumors, when there is doubt as benign tumors.All of these methods allow the diagnosis to establish the correct diagnosis and to avoid confusion with diseases such as breast cancer, breast cyst, tsistadenopapilloma.

Treatment fibroadenoma

Many women feel a sense of panic in the diagnosis - fibroadenoma.This happens because of the fear of escalation of the disease in breast cancer.But these fears are far from reality.Malignant tumors that can not be.For example, the leaf fibroadenoma can degenerate into sarcoma, which is also a type of benign.

Conservative treatment of the disease does not exist.The only way to remove a tumor - surgery.But even surgery can not guarantee that it will not appear again after the removal of fibroadenoma.So in some cases, however still worth a fibroadenoma removed?

The list of indications, on the basis of which require surgery, include:

  • too rapid growth of the tumor.The increase in the size of 2-2.5 times within three to four months.In this case, we can talk about filloidnom education.
  • suspicion of breast cancer, based on data from mammography, ultrasound or cytological examination.
  • tumor size, inconvenience and are cosmetic defect (5 cm or more).

Methods for removing fibroadenomas

Remove fibroadenoma in two ways.First - enucleation - a doctor immediately removes the tumor without affecting the surrounding tissue.It is used when there is no suspicion of breast cancer.If no such certainty, then use the second method of surgery - sectoral resection.In this case, the tumor excised with breast sector.

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