How to determine ovulation ?

How to determine ovulation ?

Conception in the body of an adult woman only after the ovulation.Therefore, the ability to calculate the day of ovulation is important for the desired conception, and to prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy.That is ovulating and how to calculate it, we are with you and try to understand.


ovulation Ovulation - release period (hatching) female egg from the ovary and its readiness for fertilization.Ovulation occurs in each menstrual cycle, regardless of its duration.

himself ovulation period is very short.The process of egg release from the follicle does not take more than an hour.Then, the egg enters the oviduct (fallopian tube), which retains the ability to fertilize even during a day (approximately).

It is this period is considered to be particularly favorable for conception.That is why many women pressing question of how to determine ovulation.However, this physiological process is almost asymptomatic women.That is, based on their feelings, to determine the day impossible.

However, there are methods that can be used with a certain degree of probability to calculate the day of ovulation.


ultrasound method is considered the most reliable.With this method, the expert determines the state of follicles.Before ovulation, the follicle, ready to "release" the egg, increasing in size, reaching about 20 millimeters, and can be seen on the screen ultrasound system.

This method allows you to calculate the time of "hatching" egg up to a few hours.However, for complete accuracy, you must also pay attention to the condition of the mucous layer of the uterus - the endometrium, which is also expected to increase in size.This condition is necessary for successful fertilization, since the lack of endometrial thickness egg can not attach to the uterine wall.Therefore, if you want to determine ovulation for successful conception on ultrasound should be present and gynecologist.

ultrasound method is effective in the case of artificial insemination, as well as in identifying the causes of female infertility.

measurement of basal body temperature

determine the day of ovulation method is effective for about 40%.The fact that the day before ovulation occurs temperature jump, indicating that the egg is matured.But the measured basal body temperature depends on the total temperature.Therefore, even with a slight increase in body temperature due to illness, stress, fatigue or other reasons, to determine the day of ovulation accurately with this method impossible.

However, the method is effective and very popular.To determine the day of ovulation in this way, it is necessary to begin to measure the basal temperature at the end of menstruation.Measurements were carried out in the morning, introducing the thermometer into the anus.The received data is made in a special graph where the days of the cycle mark on the horizontal axis and the vertical - temperature.

In the first half of the cycle, the temperature will be kept in the vicinity of 37 degrees.In the middle of the cycle will leap by about 0.4 degrees.This is a jump and will testify to the occurrence of ovulation.

For greater reliability of measurement of basal temperature is necessary for at least three cycles.And if you keep a diary of ovulation, fixing issues that can affect a change in temperature, the efficiency of this method would be much higher.

calendar method

Calendar method of determining ovulation only suitable for women with a regular menstrual cycle and stable.With this method menstrual cycle is divided into two phases: the follicular and luteal.The first lasts from 9 days to 3 weeks, and the second phase is the most stable and is 12-16 days.Therefore, the day of ovulation is calculated from the second phase.

To calculate the day of ovulation, you need to know the expected date of the next menstrual period.From that date, you count down 16 days ago.With the marked date for a further 4 days, most likely ovulation.That is, these 4 days and will be the most favorable for conception.Accordingly, if the cycle is not stable and lasts a different number of days, and the range of possible ovulation day increases.

valuation method hormonal

With the approach of the day of ovulation increased levels of certain hormones.Determine the level can be in the laboratory and in the home.Less laboratory research that analyzes the results have to wait long enough.Therefore, the day of ovulation to be determined, most likely late.

at home for such a method is used special tests are sold in pharmacies.The principle of using these test strips is the same as in the test for pregnancy.Two bars - the egg is matured.Plus this method - high efficiency.The downside is the relatively high cost of test strips and the need to test at least twice a day for several days.In addition to hormonal changes can affect some diseases.

External symptoms

Some external signs also indicate ovulation approximation.These include:

  • pulling and stinging pains in the lower abdomen (on one side);
  • suddenly had the feeling of hunger;
  • aversion to food;
  • intolerance to certain smells;
  • breast swelling;
  • occurrence of edema;
  • change color and consistency of secretions (like raw egg white).

However, these symptoms are not all women, and, moreover, do not always show it on the approaching ovulation.So focus only on them is not necessary.

best to try different methods of determining ovulation, and even better - to combine a couple of methods.Try it, because you now know how to determine the day of ovulation in various ways.