What is PMS?

What is PMS?

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What is PMS?

Abbreviation PMS, which is so often used in conversations both men and women, which we constantly hear in caustic jokes, stands for Premenstrual Syndrome.PMS Decryption can say nothing to people who are not faced with this or just do not know how it was called.Therefore, in this article we will explain in simple terms what the PMS.

What is PMS - value

From PMS name "Premenstrual syndrome" may be understood that this syndrome occurs in women before menstruation, usually 7-10 days prior to their occurrence.Syndrome includes changes in the behavior of women, her emotional state and a state of the organism.

And such changes are sometimes so painful that prevent communication with other people, the usual daily activities.Consider what the ICP more.

At the level of the organism during ICP girls may experience headaches, pain in the chest, swelling, bloating, or even a slight increase in weight.In terms of emotions, PMS in women can be reflected in irritability, sometimes furious outbursts of anger;On the other hand, can be confusion, depression.In general, when the ICP is characterized by frequent changes of mood of a woman.The behavior of women with PMS can be seen apathy, decreased performance, insomnia, memory loss, increased appetite.

What is PMS girls

As we said above, the PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome and, therefore, can occur at an age when girls start menstruating.According to physicians, PMS is rarely observed in adolescence.The most common symptoms of PMS are beginning to emerge for the first time in 25-26 years, and, as a rule, women who have given birth.Peak symptom manifestations of PMS in women account for 30-40 years.

PMS girls

In fact, PMS girls is a natural process, a kind of violation of the nervous system, hormonal failure that is inherent in all women and occurs in 10 days before menstruation.Someone PMS obvious that delivers a lot of unpleasant moments (67% women), while others expressed in the lung ailment (40 - 50% of women).Severity of the symptoms of PMS in the same girl may vary.That is one menstrual cycle may be accompanied by wild tantrums, mood swings, and the other, on the contrary, calm.

PMS in

men read the information about what PMS, you have already understood that the ICP in men - is absurd.None of the men could not be premenstrual syndrome as simply they are no monthly!When the men after their irritability say that they have PMS, it is nothing more than a joke, and fiction.

How to cope with PMS girls

changes in the body due to PMS should be adjusted individually.

  • If you notice that before the menstrual cycle you are irritable, aggressive, the best way - it is a sport.Regular exercise will direct aggression in a positive direction (to the development of his body) and thus help fight PMS.The main thing - do not overdo it and do not hurt yourself.
  • There are cases when the PMS girls transferred so bad that gynecologists prescribe them oral contraceptives (birth control), which facilitate the symptoms of PMS.
  • Proper nutrition also helps with PMS is easier to cope with such diseases.Give in this period of coffee, chocolate, alcohol, which can enhance the premenstrual depression.Eat as little salt to avoid edema, since more water accumulates body PMS.The diet should have lots of vitamins and minerals.