What fibroadenomatosis breast ?

What fibroadenomatosis breast ?

Not every woman mammalogy visits every six months, in the end it could be very bad news stunned.Quite often, women put this diagnosis as a disease of the breast.Let's talk about what a breast or breast fibroadenomatosis.

fibroadenomatosis breast - what is it?

Any woman would be scared if it put a bad diagnosis is breast fibroadenomatosis.After all, her breasts mammolog find a tumor, but fall into a panic is not necessary, since it is benign.But at the same time, forget about this disease and let it take its course impossible.

diagnosis and course of the disease

mastitis can be found on their own, because the tumor has a spherical shape with a smooth surface.The neoplasm may increase in size under the influence of estrogen.As a rule, fibroadenomatosis symptoms become apparent during menstruation and pregnancy.

Mastopatia most often seen in the form of:

  • seals in the chest;
  • periodic pain in the breast area;
  • retraction of the nipple skin;
  • swollen lymph nodes in the armpit;
  • frequent discharge from the nipples green-gray color.

Of course, the above symptoms may be accompanied by a malignant tumor and, therefore, it is necessary to do ultrasound breast needle biopsy surrender and undergo a thorough examination by a breast physician.You also may be useful in our article Where are the lymph nodes, and Why sore nipples.

reasons fibroadenomatosis

Every woman wants to know the reason why she had the disease appeared, especially from her family they were never sick.Doctors call a few reasons:

  • violation of ovarian function and hormonal failure in the system;
  • dissatisfaction with sex life;
  • avoidance of breastfeeding.

Treatment of mastitis

Most often when fibroadenomatosis shown surgical intervention, but you can do without it, if the tumor is less than 8 mm.In this case, there is a chance that it will resolve, but this usually happens rarely.When small amounts of hormone therapy is appointed.However, when the tumor is larger than 10 mm, the tumor usually grows over time, and brings discomfort.Moreover, it is likely that fibroadenomatosis develops into a malignant tumor.In this case, the only solution is surgery.

If the disease was detected during pregnancy, you should remove it immediately, or else hormones will contribute to the rapid growth of education.Moreover, the tumor may interfere with the normal breast-feeding a baby.

Generally, the operation takes less than an hour, it is performed under local anesthesia.After it is not required for a long stay in the hospital.Six months later, it is necessary to pass an ultrasound.

Effectively popular treatments

You can find quite a lot of people's treatment of mastitis recipes.They are best avoided, as they often do not give results.But in this case it is very important not to lose precious time and the tumor can be used to remove, until it degenerated into a malignancy.

More about the treatment of fibroadenomatosis can be found in our article How to treat mastopathy.