How to calculate ovulation ?

How to calculate ovulation ?

Why do some women expect ovulation to get pregnant, while others, on the contrary, in order to avoid pregnancy?The fact that ovulation is the release of the egg process, which is capable of fertilization.This means that women who wish to become pregnant during this period you have to put as much effort as possible.And the one that avoids the conception, on the contrary, it is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse.

remind you that the calendar method of contraception (ie the calculation of the date of ovulation) is extremely unreliable.Getting pregnant can be any day of the menstrual cycle.We can never be 100% sure that the ovulation date is not displaced.

calendar method

How to calculate ovulation on the calendar method?For the calendar tracking method must be carefully examine your menstrual cycle.If you've always noted on the calendar date of the onset of menstruation, it will be useful data last 6 months.Typically, the menstrual cycle has a duration of 28 - 32 days.Count how many days have passed from the beginning of last month, before the present.This number will be your individual menstrual cycle.

If your cycle is regular, that is, the break between periods is always the same, then you can use this method to calculate ovulation.Look at your records and find the shortest cycle that you have had in recent months.Of this number must be deducted 18. On that day you will cycle favorable time for conception.Now you need to figure out what day of the cycle is the end of the period for conception.From the longest cycle in recent months, you have to subtract 11. conception interval defined!For these are not very tricky calculations can easily count how many ovulation lasts.

Basal Temperature How to calculate ovulation by basal temperature?Ovulation minor changes affect a woman's body temperature.Therefore, ovulation can be calculated in this way.On displacement of the ovulation date can affect anything: stress, lifestyle changes, health, use of drugs, etc.Therefore, by measuring basal temperature, we need to get a more accurate result than on the track calendar.

body temperature will begin to rise after ovulation, and will stay at this level until the beginning of the following month.So as soon as you wake up in the morning without getting out of bed, put a basal thermometer into the rectum about 4 cm. To measure basal temperature so you must at one and the same time each day.Be sure to keep a record.Before ovulation, the body temperature is always the same level.As soon as you notice a slight decline, which means that ovulation has occurred.But immediately after this will be a sharp increase in body temperature.This is the most auspicious day for conception!Of course, the method of measurement of basal body temperature to calculate ovulation, accurate.But we must not forget about the changes in body temperature due to an illness, lack of sleep or drinking alcohol.

calculation on allocation

How to calculate ovulation by secretions?Under secretions we understand the cervical mucus, which undergoes changes during the menstrual cycle.So, keep a record of the nature of secretions each day.Swiping your finger from the front to the back wall of the vagina.Selections will vary in consistency (sticky, thick, elastic), the color (yellow, white, transparent or not), as well as the structure of mucus (moist, dry).How to calculate ovulation?On the day when the most distinguished selection of high transparency, are slippery, elastic structure, then ovulation occurs.

most accurate result can be obtained if you apply all these methods to calculate ovulation.