At what age begin monthly ?

Transitional age - this is a huge change in the life of a teenager.Nothing can be done, the person matures.Of course, this causes mixed feelings and some uncertainty, because an interesting start in life.And parents have a responsibility to inform my daughter, how many years starting month to prepare it to new circumstances.

menstrual cycle

In adolescence, every girl needs to know about the changes of your body.She should be aware of external changes: the growth of breast, thighs and buttocks.It should not scare the first month.Therefore, parents prepare the child, and tell us how many years and how to begin monthly behave correctly.

What does the menstrual cycle?On the development of the body's reproductive functions girls.Although the birth of a child, it will be ready in a few years, the beginning of menstruation says that the girl is standing at the threshold of adulthood.mood swings may begin to affect the nervous system and the senses.

Monthly girls begin in the period from 12 to 14 years.Recently there has been an early growth of girls.Approximately 9 years they appear the hair under the armpits and pubic.And in 2-3 years begin menstruating.Acne may appear on the face, discharge from the nipples.Mom had already talk about the cyclicality of the monthly and hygiene in the critical days.Acquire gaskets and told how to use them.

Deviation from the norm

What if menses do not start like at all?Significant deviations from the norm indicate malfunctions in the body of a teenager.Consult a gynecologist, make US, and you will know the reason for the delay.But this happens very rarely.Just adolescents things differently, so do not dwell on the question, how many years begin menstruating.

menstrual cycle will be installed 2-3 years.Menses may start or earlier or later date.And they differ soreness, as well as the abundance or scarcity of emissions.Consult with your doctor about any question.

By month 15 years in girls become regular, intervals - 21 days.And the thought of suffering - a thing of the past!