What is the temperature during ovulation ?

What is the temperature during ovulation ?

woman's body - a very delicate instrument.Every woman should know the mechanisms of its work, in order to avoid health problems that can be launched.The main purpose of women - motherhood.But, unfortunately, in modern conditions of life we ​​often hear the phrase - female infertility.The reasons for this mass.And the main of them - the stress, psycho-emotional overload, chronic fatigue.All this violates the natural processes in the body of a woman.And it knocks the menstrual cycle, leading to a lack of ovulation, and therefore not a female egg maturation.How to check for ovulation in a woman?On this and will talk in this article in more detail.

basal temperature during ovulation

presence of ovulation, that is, the process of maturation and release of the egg, just need a female body.To verify there you have it or not, you need to start keeping a graph of the basal body temperature.Measurement is best done during the three months to see a more accurate dynamics.To understand, there you have ovulated or not, you need to know what the temperature at ovulation.In just a few days before ovulation basal temperature plummets to the lowest rates - 35.9 - 36.2 degrees, and then rises sharply to 37 degrees and above.This temperature must be kept no longer than three days.Day sharp rise in temperature, and is the day of ovulation.If the temperature is above 37 degrees lasts longer than three days, it says that you need to see a doctor - a gynecologist and to conduct a more detailed inspection on sterility.

You need to know what the temperature after ovulation.Three days after the maximum temperature is reduced to basal 0.3-0.4 degrees, and remains within these limits until the end of the cycle.If you look at the graph, it turns out the first half of the cycle - at the bottom, and the other half - the top of the graph plotting the curve.

How to measure the basal temperature?

very important point is the process of measuring the basal temperature.If you violate these rules, all data are considered unreliable.Of great importance is the presence of stress, exercise, sexual intercourse, the medication or drug infusions.All this is better to fix the additional diary of basal body temperature, then it was possible to show your doctor.

measurements must begin strictly on the first day of the menstrual cycle.Measure the temperature should be in the morning.This is by no means impossible to get out of bed in advance.The time must be exactly the same.Thermometer best cook in the evening.Measurements can be made in the vagina or anus.