Year no monthly : what to do ?

Year no monthly : what to do ?

quite common in the practice of medicine phenomenon - the absence of menstruation for more than three months, six months, a year.In such a case is diagnosed: amenorrhea (when there is no normal menses within a few cycles).

What is amenorrhea?

It's not even a diagnosis, as doctors say, but rather a symptom that indicates a violation occurring in the female body: physiological, genetic, anatomical, psychological nature.The frequency of the so-called secondary amenorrhea - at least three percent of the total number of women of menstrual age.

distinguish between true and false amenorrhea

If ovarian function is greatly reduced, there is no cyclical changes throughout the body, not enough sex hormones - are talking about true amenorrhea.If there is no discharge of blood, but are present cycles of changes in the uterus, ovaries, throughout the body - false.In this case, sometimes the blood accumulates in the vagina, the uterus and tubes, which leads to serious consequences for the whole of the female body.

What you need to know?

  • After the first menstruation (menarche), some adolescent girls amenorrhea is delayed for a period of two months to a year.About what to do, if not the first month, read the article What to do if there is no monthly.
  • After thirty years, many women have spontaneous menopause - monthly cycle disorders that lead to amenorrhea.
  • In cases breastfeeding amenorrhea may last a mother for as long as it is carried out (until the milk will not be lost).
  • Monthly can not come from the fact that you have become pregnant.In this case, an urgent need to take a pregnancy test to make sure.About what to do if there was a delay monthly: What to do if the delay menstruation.

essence of the problem and treatment

But what if the woman is not pregnant, and there is no monthly for almost a year?First of all, you need to apply to the gynecologist.He will study, will take the necessary tests, prescribe treatment.In no case do not panic: this phenomenon is very common.Analyze your diet, lifestyle.Perhaps the problem lies in the diet that you are using or impaired psychological background.Generally, the earlier you start to look for solution to the problem, the better for you.

On why still may not be available monthly, read more in our article Why not monthly.