How to surprise the girl?

How to surprise the girl?

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How to surprise the girl?

Almost all of the fair sex in his heart the dream of a man who could often surprise them.After all, women are by nature - being romantic: they constantly need new thrills and emotions.If the choice is able to give them such sensations, they consider it as the highest manifestation of love and attention.And, vice versa, without surprises a woman feels unloved and begins to think that men are interested in her dried up.In this article we will look at how to surprise the girl in different situations, and give advice to guys that you need to do in order to win the favor and affection of his beloved.

How to surprise a girl on a date

Go to the movies or to a regular gig she can and in the company of friends, so banal trips to such activities should immediately leave for another occasion.Another thing, if you present your beloved two tickets to the performance of her favorite band, which she wanted half of his life: there is not only surprising, but also a huge thanks.

If a concert by the time your visits are not planned, it is necessary to look more interesting and even mysterious place where she has never been.Again remembering about her romantic nature, you should choose some secluded and beautiful place at the same time.The main thing - do not say where you are going.

You can even put the girl in the car with a blindfold: it will give your venture intrigue.When her gaze opens a picturesque lake or river, she will be delighted by such a surprise.At worst, you can always enjoy the views along the city at night from the roof of a multistory building.Such a date she will remember for a long time.

How surprised girl in bed

course, before you figure out how to surprise the girl in bed, you need to know about her sexual preferences.That is, if you are together for a long time, you will not be difficult to surprise your partner.This may be her favorite position, or the beautiful Prelude: Despite that prefers the girl.You can also surprise your favorite sex toy exciting when you have a trusting relationship so that you have an idea of ​​her secret fantasies.However, when you do not have time to realize that your beloved sex more like a couple of almost win-win options can be offered, which are fascinating in almost all representatives of the fair half of mankind.

What woman does not love beautiful lingerie?Especially if it is expensive and emphasizes the benefit of its charms.Take the time to go shopping in search of sexual peignoir or lace bra and panties.In the evening, asked the girl to let you change out of her: such a gift will not only surprise her but also give your beloved the belief that she is beautiful and desirable.

Another option could be an erotic massage.Women are a lot like cats: they hide their claws when they caress and care provided.Look at a few video tutorials, if you do not believe that a girl like your efforts.Perhaps in the future, this activity will be for your wonderful pair mutually pleasant prelude to good sex.

How to surprise a girl without money

A lot of guys can not even imagine how to impress a girl without money, but it is not as difficult as it seems.Surfing the chic restaurants and expensive bouquets always ladies heart, but afford to make such gifts are loved constantly can not every guy.All the more so for women is important, not the amount spent on it, and your attention.She will appreciate that you have long pondered his surprise, spending on it the time and effort.And all this in order to surprise her!The consciousness of being wanted in your life for a woman to have a reason for delight.

"Look out the window!" - This phrase certainly makes a woman's heart beat twice as fast.At the bottom she can see everything: it all depends on your imagination.This may be a bright inscription "I love you" on the pavement, or your names.By the way, you can pour gasoline outline of letters and set fire to it, when a girl looks out the window.Such a flame is able to melt the heart of even the most inaccessible beauty.

If you do not know how to surprise his girlfriend, when you do not have the money for it, you can just wait for her at the entrance to the university or to work, but stay unnoticed.Once you see that it is, it is necessary to dial a number and start a conversation so that she does not suspect your presence.Follow behind her, and at the appropriate moment, ask her to turn around.This should be supplemented with a surprise long and sensual kiss: girl will be even more enjoyable by the thought that you were guarding it and played this performance just because you could not wait to kiss her.