When ovulation does not occur ?

When ovulation does not occur ?

Ovulation - is a monthly process that occurs in the female body.The reason for his appearance becomes what the egg, which is ready for fertilization, released from the ovary.Twenty-four hours it is in the abdominal cavity, where waits for the sperm and then goes out.However, sometimes the female body loses a given rhythm and completely stops producing ova.This is very dangerous for the female body, as in this case does not turn out to conceive a child.

When ovulation occurs

That all happened according to plan, it is necessary that in each ovary is home to several follicles.Once they arrive, they have uneven development begins.That cell, which is developing rapidly and becoming dominant, she will take part in ovulation.This process takes place between the 11th and 13th day of the menstrual cycle.If the menstrual cycle for some reason lost, it is possible the appearance of immature oocytes, it is this is the reason why no ovulation.

If you have your period lasts for 21 days and one less or 35 days or more, then you it's time to sound the alarm.The natural lack of ovulation occurs only in three cases: puberty, breastfeeding or menopause.If your case is not one of the above, you should probably contact your gynecologist.Consider the possible reasons why there is no ovulation.

reasons for the lack of ovulation

Very often there is no ovulation due to the banal hormonal imbalance, which may occur as a result of the impact of a huge number of different factors.It can be caused by an inflammatory process that occurs in the female genital organs.Also, lack of ovulation can be a consequence of the diseases and disorders of the thyroid gland to work properly, as well as the adrenal cortex.

hormonal disorders can also occur as a result of respiratory diseases and high blood pressure.The most dangerous cause of hormonal disorders is a tumor in the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus.You can also say goodbye to the normal ovulation as a result of abortion, and after survive very severe stress.Does not exclude the possibility of lack of ovulation due to hereditary diseases.

Finding the cause

to how we can more accurately understand why no ovulation occurs and what to do when ovulation does not occur, it is advisable to seek help from a specialist, and with the help of ultrasound monitoring to find out the cause of dizovulyatsii.Such a survey should be held at each stage of the menstrual cycle.Monitoring is carried out with the appearance of the following reasons:

  • check follicle when it is not even developed;
  • examined follicle when it grows, but does not grow to the desired size;
  • check follicle, when he grows up, but for some reason does not reach the required dimensions;
  • when fully grown follicle, but not exploded;
  • when the follicle was completely its development, but instead the outside "came out" yellow body.

Medical examination - this is the only sure way to detect the absence of ovulation, everything else is just our speculation and guesswork.When the monitor is fully carried out, the doctor must prescribe treatment of this problem.Usually it takes at home with medication use.

also understand that it is necessary to do a woman, when there is no ovulation, it will be easy after she read the information on the site useful tips in the article "What to do if there is no ovulation?".Here we give a complete description of the sequence of actions that are necessary to make the appearance of the slightest suspicion about the absence of ovulation.

Thus, women's health is fragile, which requires an infinite attention, and care.If you have the slightest suspicion in the absence of ovulation, do not procrastinate, rather consult a doctor.From ovulation it depends whether you will be able to have children in the future.Do not deprive yourself of a happy future - go through as often as possible a medical examination.