How to feed a breast ?

How to feed a breast ?

There are situations when there is a need to feed a breast, for example, if the second teat is severely damaged and you need to treat, or just have time to not give the baby to the breast complete cure wounds.

In this case, you need to follow some rules to avoid mastitis and form a seal in the chest.

How to feed one breast: a few tips

to maintain normal lactation and stable for a long time (ideally up to 2 years old child) must adhere to the rules of breastfeeding.They are simple - they will tell any consultant on breastfeeding.But it is very difficult to establish at the beginning of lactation feeding when the baby is very small, and the gland is still working properly.It is often necessary to go on feeding the baby one breast.

difficulty here there should not be - the main thing to observe the following rules:

  1. express milk from the 'unused' breast at a time when the baby sucks the other;
  2. if not turned out to decant during feeding, be sure to do it after;
  3. in case of formation of stagnation or seals in the "hated" the breast child, you need to "break" them with the help of self-massage under a hot shower.If this does not help, immediately seek a consultant on breastfeeding or professional masseur.

Of course, if you can save even breastfeeding from one breast, you need to fight for this opportunity and find out how to feed one breast to keep breast-feeding a baby.After all, any, even the most expensive synthetic mixture does not replace the child breast milk.

How will breast-feeding on one

maternal health If we consider only one breast feeding in terms of women's health, then there is more questions.The main problem - the increase in the one breast in size compared to the other, which is "not used."Such a feeding regimen can lead to very unpleasant aesthetic consequences when the right or left breast will be larger, and the opposite - less.In this context, a woman may develop even psychological complexes.

Another problem is that when feeding only one breast may be stagnation and the overflow of the hardware on which the child refuses.

How will affect the child's feeding one breast

If a child will eat milk from only one mother's breast, it will not cause any harm to him personally, in the case in the breast milk fat enough and sufficient to saturate.But as often happens, the baby sucks only the first milk that a slightly watery, and thicker - "back" milk the baby does not suck because it requires greater effort (in fact it is because of this and the preferred one breast, because the second necessaryrassosat).This is not very useful, because the child does not dopoluchaet nutrients that just rich "back" milk.

Why children choose one breast?

Little kids, especially infants - under the age of 6 weeks, often choose for themselves "beloved" mother's breast, from which suck milk more readily.While on the other flatly refuse, often torn, crying during feeding.The reasons for this can be many:

  • in one breast more milk than the other;
  • Milk "tight" comes from one breast, and her sucking child has to put more effort;
  • on one of her breasts "blind" nipple that the baby can not grab his mouth;
  • Mom incorrectly applies a child to one of the breasts, etc.