How to treat mastopathy ?

According to statistics, about 80% of women have in their medical record card gynecologist with the diagnosis - breast cancer breast (benign changes in the breast tissue).

This disease has been known for over 100 years and is successfully treated by various methods, depending on the shape and course of the disease.So, if you too are faced with this disease, do not panic ahead of time, but also can not be underestimated the risk of mastitis.After all, in the early stages it is quite successfully treated with drugs and hormones.In the case of cystic formations possible surgery.

If you ignore the symptoms and do not treat it, then seal and glandular tissue nodules may well begin to develop on the cancer type.

Treatment of mastitis

How to treat mastopathy?The fact that there is not a disease in itself.The reasons for the appearance of benign tumors and nodes in the chest a few, and they are connected first of all with the image of a woman's life.

Constant stress, gynecological diseases, diet, chronic diseases - all of which can serve as an impetus for the development of mastitis.

Depending on the nature of the seals in the chest, breast can be:

  • fibrous - breast with a predominance of the fibrous component.The glands can be felt seal diffuse areas.
  • Cystic - with prevalence of breast cystic component.The breast is felt a lot of formations, similar to nodules and well limited from the surrounding breast tissue.
  • mixed form of mastitis, it is called fibrocystic breast disease.

Most often, against the background of hormonal disorders in women and chronic diseases of the organs associated with the metabolism, there is the development of a mixed type of mastitis.

Therefore, the question of how to treat fibrotic mastopathy, or how to treat cystic mastopathy, any doctor will tell you that it is necessary, first of all, to diagnose and correct the cause of its occurrence.

If you have a metabolic disorder that sometimes, simply adjust your diet, or to appoint a course of vitamins to stop the disease.

How to treat fibrocystic breast disease

  1. Diet.If we abandon the coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate (they contain methylxanthines that influence breast swelling), it is possible to significantly reduce the unpleasant symptoms of mastitis.
  2. Vitamins.When mastitis usually prescribe vitamins A, C, E, A, B6.Vitamins stimulates the metabolism and has a strengthening effect on the entire body.
  3. Normalization circulation.The increase in venous blood flow allows you to remove the breast swelling.Doctors prescribe Ascorutin (vitamin P), which helps to improve blood flow.
  4. Hormones.If a woman's body there is a violation of hormonal (produced enough hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, or), prescribed drugs that normalize the level of a hormone in the blood.
  5. Surgery.If after you have passed the course of treatment appointed the doctor, seal in the chest is not resolved, you may be asked to remove surgically cystic changes.

Treatment of mastitis folk remedies

Traditional medicine, however, as is traditional, insists on the fact that, first of all, you need to treat the cause of the disease and strengthen the body in general.A healthy lifestyle, proper diet and giving up all bad habits - the first thing that is required of you.The recipes decoctions, tinctures and poultices of mastitis include yarrow, knotweed pepper, chamomile, nettle, succession, burdock root.As a rule, traditional methods of treatment combine with the traditional.

And remember, the sun - the worst enemy of any neoplastic processes.If you have a predisposition to them, take all measures to ensure that as little as possible to spend time in the sun.

key to successful treatment of any disease is the timely diagnosis and its compliance with all instructions of the attending physician.Love yourself and be healthy!